Obama says forget about 9/11. Venting my anger …

Barrack Obama thinks that American voters should disregard the “politics of fear” which he claims is being used against him by his political opponents. According to Obama, both Hillary Clinton and John McCain are using “fear” as a reason not to vote for him. It seems that, according to Barrack, any political statement that is disadvantageous to him is the “politics of fear”. He seems to think that only he can offer freedom from fear as well as the prospect of change and hope. According to Obama, he is the only person that won’t make mistakes in judgment and he is the only person who is qualified to steer our nation in the right direction.

But, isn’t he using the politics of fear when he says it’s time for “change”, promulgating the “fear of more of the same”? When he repeatedly reminds everyone that, according to him, Clinton and McCain “voted to go to war with Iraq (not exactly correct)”, isn’t he “promoting¬† fear” that they will do the same over and over again? When he asks us to forget 9/11 but remember he opposed the Iraq invasion, isn’t he being a little selective in his “fear factor”?

Can you imagine a history book written or edited by Barrack Obama? It would be full of empty spaces, everything unimportant to or inconvenient for Obama), but will have a few big Barrack Obama smiley faces( things he wants you to remember, important for making Barrack look good), basically a history book with 2000 empty pages and one paragraph of smiley faces.

I remember the morning of 9/11. I was very ill but was awakened by a call from one of my sisters who asked me if I was watching TV. I said, “No. You woke me up.”

“The World Trade Center has been attacked. Turn on the TV.”

I did, watching the replays of the planes hitting the building over and over again as well as the developing aftermath of that attack, the attack on the Pentagon, and the crash of the plane in Pennsylvania.

Sorry Barrack Obama. I can’t and won’t forget, no matter how much of an “Inconvenient Truth” it is for you. Duhh!!


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