Relationships with Ministers

I just finished watching Barack Obama try to explain his position regarding his minister on Fox News. And, now,  I’ve also heard him with Anderson Cooper on CNN.

Barack Obama may think that he’s qualified to be president of the United States, but I would question his ability to be head of the CIA or FBI.

He states he had no knowledge that Jeremiah Wright was saying these things … in twenty years of association with that church, that congregation and that minister, he had no knowledge. I thought he was involved with that community. Didn’t he ever talk to any of those people who were loudly cheering Reverend Wright? I suppose Mr. Obama wants everyone to believe that Jeremiah Wright was a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde … and always Dr. Jekyll in his presence. Okay, if you believe that, I have some swamp land in south Georgia I want to sell you.

At one time, I considered joining one of the local protestant churches with the minister even visiting my home. As I was debating whether to join this particular church, I had the opportunity to talk with one of the members in a professional capacity. This person had just gotten out of a local mental hospital. He had been treated there for severe depression. It turns out that his wife served as secretary to the minister for this particular church and he found out that she was having an affair with the minister.
I decided that, in good conscience, I couldn’t sit in that church every Sunday, listening to that minister telling me how to be saved. I had a choice and made it.

Barack Obama knew. He had a choice and made it.

Or is he that incompetent, not to know what was going on and being said in his community and church? And in fact, as president of the United States, he will be in charge of intelligence gathering. He will be expected to know. After all, isn’t that what’s supposed to be wrong with George Bush … the wrong intelligence or no intelligence? Furthermore, he will be in the position to appoint the heads of our intelligence agencies.  Will they be people like Jeremiah Wright?

Should someone who professes to be so ignorant of what’s going on within his own constituency, his own community and his own church be considered savvy enough to function efficiently and knowledgeably as president of the United States?


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