Elliott Spitzer and Ben Stein

I have just been listening to Fox News this morning. They finally got around to talking about the “Elliott Spitzer Situation”.

Ben Stein made several comments regarding Spitzer’s downfall.

Ben quoted the parable regarding, “Let the person who has not sinned cast the first stone.” (paraphrased)

Ben also stated that the New York Times passed judgment on Spitzer, not the American public. This was at the end of a discussion regarding the American public deciding what standards to hold elected officials to.

Just a few thoughts, Ben.

If I understand Spitzer’s history as New York attorney general correctly, he made it his business to prosecute prostitution rings. I think that puts him in the position of “casting the first stones”. So, he gets hit with a boulder. Some might say, “Serves him right.”

And, you may actually be right about the New York Times. They do tend to revel in trying people in their newsprint. But, when you look objectively at their proper responsibility … which is to report the news … and which they apparently did fairly accurately this time, they did their job. You know … the old adage, “We report, you decide.”

By the way, there is something I was wondering about …

Spitzer is charged with violating the Mann Act because he arranged for this young woman to go from New Jersey to Washington, D.C. to have their “get-together”. Now, this woman lives in New Jersey. If they were meeting in New York previously, does this mean each time they “got together” in New YorkCity,  by her leaving her home in New Jersey to meet with him in New York City, was a violation of the Mann Act?

For you math nuts, what is $80,000/$4300 (X)times the sentence for each violation of the Mann Act? Ouch!

One other thing, at the end of one of the exchanges on the show Ben mumbled, “Who says he enjoyed it?”

Ben, all I have to say about that is, “$80,000. That’s a lot of castor oil … or whatever. Right … he didn’t enjoy it.”


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