Barack Obama’s Speech

I’m sitting here listening to the newscasters dissecting Barack Obama’s speech.

I listened to it and thought it was a very poignant and, as some have put it, eloquent.

So … what do I think about it?

Frankly, it’s too bad he didn’t take the risk and make this speech a year ago. It would give him a lot more credibility. He should have pre-empted and defined his relationship with his minister then. By not doing so, he’s left him and his church subject to ridicule and scorn. Instead he’s tried to hide it and has, in fact, lied about his knowledge of it.

It seems like a lot of people are being exposed and sacrificed for Obama’s political ambition. I wonder if they think it’s worth it.

I’ve spent several weekends searching the Internet for articles on Barack Obama, his mother and his father. Some additional potentially disturbing contradictions to his version of his life story are lying out there.  The information, if correct, has the potential to add more destruction to Obama’s credibility.

Why does or should his family’s history matter? Why does his pastor matter? Why does his religion matter?They all matter because they are all part of the story that Barack Obama has  made a point of running his campaign on. They are the story that he’s told to define himself. He says he wants to look to the future and not focus on the past. Yet, he keeps reminding everyone of his past as he wants everyone to see it and he runs on his opponents’ pasts as he wants everyone to see them.

Any chink in the armor of the past and his story as he has defined it is a weakness in his arguments for himself as a candidate. It defines his credibility. It’s his vulnerability.
Remember that, until today, he denied knowledge of Jeremiah Wright’s sermons and antics. Today, he admitted that knowledge. Irrespective of how eloquently he admitted it, he admitted he lied. Period.

You know, he’s such a good speaker, I almost forgot that point. All of his talk about racial prejudice and … everything else he spoke about simply muddies the fact that he lied. Jeremiah Wright is a pathetic, bigoted, racist, hate mongering sacrificial lamb to Barack Obama’s inability to tell the truth.

What else has he lied about?


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