Defining “Typical” for Barack Obama

Barack Obama, at least twice in the past week, referred to his grandmother as a”typical” white person. He was referring to her fear of black men and her stereotyping of blacks.

Since Barack Obama is considered an educated and intelligent person, I was curious regarding exactly what he meant … so I decided to look up the definition of the word, “typical”. I’m presuming he means exactly what he says (except, obviously, when he isn’t being truthful) and I wanted to be sure I understood exactly what he was saying.

So … I went to Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, Seventh Edition. I used that edition since it was from my college days … hopefully not too outdated.

Typical (adj.) – (I’m presuming everyone knows how to pronounce it by now. ) 1. constituting or having the nature of a type: symbolic, 2a. combining or exhibiting the essential characteristics of a group (my emphasis), 2b. conforming to a type.


So, Barack Obama feels that his grandmother’s fears and stereotypes are part of the essential characteristics of white people. Interesting. It makes me wonder exactly how many white people Barack Obama actually knows. Maybe he’s been immersed in his black experience in south Chicago too long and has absorbed a little more of Jeremiah Wright’s venom than he is aware of.

His comments are “typical” of a paranoia, that everyone is out to get him, everyone is against him. In a perverse way, paranoia is like a grandiose and egocentric personality, that the paranoid person actually matters enough for everyone to be out to get him. I suppose running for president is one way to prove that hypothesis.

Everything I’ve seen and heard of him, his pastor and the congregation of Trinity Church of Christ leaves me with no doubt that he is well suited to represent them. Whether he’s suitable to represent anyone beyond that population is yet to be proven. Even his election to the United States Senate may represent a fluke since he had poorly organized opposition with the last minute introduction by the Republican party of Alan Keyes, not even a resident of the state of Illinois.

Why would anyone with such a low opinion of so many of his fellow men desire to represent them before the world? Will electing him to be president of the United States actually change his opinion and satiate his thus far insatiable need for self identity and recognition? How many books has he written about himself?

Remember the John F. Kennedy quote from his inaugural address, “Ask not what your country can do for you- ask what you can do for your country.” (http: //www. speeches/ John_F _Kennedy /5.htm)

Somehow, I get the feeling that Barack Obama and his wife, Jeremiah Wright and his congregation and a lot of other people have this backwards. Their lives are filled with an expectation that things should be done for them. Everything is owed them and they owe nothing. It appears to me that they are always expecting their country to do something for them … and its never enough. Everyone is to blame for their problems except themselves. So, they wallow in their hate filled misery … blaming white America, blaming corporate America, blaming the world.

I have too much respect for my black friends to say that this is a “typical” black attitude. But, it is “typical” of people like Jeremiah Wright, regardless of their color.

And Barack Obama has revealed his common and base nature by referring to his grandmother as “typical” anything. He just really isn’t that special. America has been more than generous to him and deserves better in return.


2 Responses

  1. What kind of backward crackers write this paranoic blither? So sad to see a human of any race sink so low into the maneur of sick minds.

    -A disgusted white guy.

    p.s. enjoy the next four years 🙂 you see, thankfully YOU have always been the minority that wallows in your own vocal feces.

    • Thanks Dean for the enlightened comment. It was your man, Obama, that considered his grandmother a “typical” white person as he stated on national television for everyone to hear, if they didn’t have “manure” (spelled correctly) shoved in their ears.

      “-A disgusted white guy.”

      You bet!

      I’ve seen fecal impactions make a person become obtunded and even comatose. Dean, you need an enema.

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