Merrill Who?

When I heard that retired General Merrill A. McPeak, a top advisor for Barack Obama had referred to some of Bill Clinton’s comments as reminescent of the McCarthy era, my first thought was, “Merrill who??”

A frantic search on Google kept getting me hits on Merrill Lynch (probably appropriate). As of two days ago, this guy didn’t even rate an article in Wikipedia … which puts him somewhere below dog poop.

And for some reason … every time I ran Merrill McPeak through my mind … free word association kept coming up with Marty McFly … which, as it turns out, wasn’t that far off.

I did find a blog on him at:

Be sure to read the comments at this site.

He should know about McCarthyism since he was a leading sponsor and supporter of Darleen Druyun who, it seems, ran Air Force procurement much like McCarthy ran his investigations … with a little nepotism thrown in on the side. And she’s singing the “jailhouse blues” to boot.

What does the nickname “Skeletor” and the term, “the most hated general officer in Air Force history” tell you about the man?

‘Nuff said.


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