Michael Brown Says John McCain was Almost Democratic Vice Presidential candidate

On Fox News tonight, Democratic pundit, Michael Brown, for some reason alluded to the reported offer by John Kerry to John McCain for McCain to be Kerry’s vice presidential running mate four years ago.

I think he was trying to insinuate a more extreme liberal position for John McCain … sort of like … “Let’s put some doubts into the minds of those ultra conservative Republicans.”


Let’s also remember that Abraham Lincoln offered command of the Army of the Potomac to Robert E. Lee. It just didn’t happen.

I also suspect that Lee gave more consideration to Lincoln’s offer before saying, “No” than McCain gave to Kerry’s offer before, likewise, saying, “No thanks”.

Let me further say that this analogy is, in no way, intended to suggest that John McCain shares Lee’s views. The analogy is simply made, by an ignorant Southerner, to point out that sometimes offers are made that “Just ain’t gonna’ happen”.


4 Responses

  1. Doing a little more research, I found this article:
    McCain vs. Kerry: Who Approached Whom?

    It’s seems that, after three years of silence, John Kerry himself is saying that John McCain approached him, Kerry, which is making a lot of the people who did the initial reporting of this story back in 2004, including some Democrats, very angry.

    It’s bringing into question, again, exactly how honest John Kerry is. The Truthmeter is really suffering.

  2. I also ran across this from the New York Times:
    THE 2004 CAMPAIGN: THE POLITICAL CALCULATIONS; Undeterred by McCain Denials, Some See Him as Kerry’s No. 2

    It looks like the Democrats really have their hands full this year, two potential candidates, that are starting to both look worse and worse … and a Republican candidate who many felt would have made part of a dream team in 2004 … to “unify” the country, a popular Obama theme. Maybe Barack should just be McCain’s VP candidate. (I’m saying that facetiously).

  3. Thanks for the comment, Purple State Pundit. That’s a twist on the perspective. I assumed Michael Brown knew what he was talking about. My Mistake. I did find this transcript of a telephone interview between John McCain and Tony Snow on Fox News:

    FOXNews.com – Transcript: McCain on Kerry – You Decide 2004

  4. I’ve heard conflicting rumors about this. Some allege that McCain approached Kerry. I don’t know which account is true.

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