Obama, “Out fo Context” … Again

Any time Barack Obama sticks his size fourteen or so foot in his mouth and people begin making a clamor against his apparent elitist and narcissitic attitude, his faux pas are always excused as being taken “out of context”. It’s beginning to happen frequently enough, that some might be coming to the conclusion that Barack Obama isn’t necessarily being taken out of context, but that he’s simply “out of touch” with many, if not most, Americans.

Barack Obama may consider himself an expert on foreign affairs, but his ” left handed” treatment of rural Pennsylvanians and the approximately 70% of the American population who fall under his “typical white person” comment would make any African or Arab recoil in horror shouting “mon dieu”.

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that being born in Hawaii, having a father from Kenya, spending a significant part of his childhood in Indonesia, attending prep school in Hawaii, as well as attending Columbia University and Harvard Law School and then living in South Chicago and adopting a radical ideology called Black Liberation Theology, even though it may make an individual feel intellectually superior to his fellow Americans and a self proclaimed foreign policy expert, it doesn’t necessarily make him in any way knowledgeable about or understanding of average Americans.

Barack Obama, as he has repeatedly asserted in Pennsylvania, considers himself a “constitutional” lawyer. A person has to remember that he studied constitutional law at Harvard Law School which is the birthplace of humanistic law rather than law according to Blackstone or a Judeo-Christian basis for law which was the context of the law within which our forefathers wrote the Constitution. His view of the second amendment won’t necessarily be what the founding fathers might have intended because he will consider their intentions simply irrelevant in today’s world, therefore subject to a “humanistic, progressive or modern interpretation”.

For Barack Obama, anyone considering it their constitutional right to own firearms are more alien to his view of the world than little green men from Mars. He can only see them as “embittered” because what rational person would want to own firearms in Barack’s world.

Naturally, Barack sees rural people who are religeous as “embittered”. The form of Christianity that Barack has embraced, Black Liberation Theology, states, that “if God isn’t black and doesn’t support the victimized and oppressed black race against its oppressor, the white race, then God doesn’t exist.” It’s an ideology based more in Marxism and racism than the Bible.

Barack Obama is an ardent supporter of illegal immigration and illegal immigrants. He stated during the Texas primary that America should be bilingual. All students should have to learn and be fluent in two languages meaning the second, if not first, language should be Spanish. I’ve studied three languages besides English, but I still expect to speak English when I walk out my front door. My expecting that, according to Barack Obama, makes me “bitter”. Expecting the government to enforce immigration laws is being “bitter”. Barack doesn’t believe that one of the first duties of a country to protect its sovereignty is to control the people that enter it. So, anyone who expects the government to enforce its laws is being xenophobic and bitter.

Barack Obama doesn’t get it that Americans as descendents of immigrants don’t oppose immigration but do oppose illegal immigration. He also doesn’t understand that most Americans also believe that, as their ancestors did, immigrants coming to this country should adopt or at least respect the language, customs and laws of the country they have entered.

Even Americans in rural America understand that trade with other countries is vital to this country’s economy. Rural Americans understand that government policy toward corporations and industry can do as much to drive jobs away from America as any free trade policy. They also understand that the free trade policy can be used as an extension of national security policy and may question why Democrats in general oppose a free trade agreement with a small South American country like Columbia who has been a staunch ally of the United States against Marxist or leftist regimes in Venezuela and Ecuador while being silent about agreements with Communist China or a corrupt Mexican government.

Barack Obama just doesn’t get it so it’s understandable that he thinks that people living in rural Pennsylvania are “embittered”. But, people in rural Pennsylvania really aren’t any different from average people most everywhere else in America. They don’t need his skewered assessment based on his limited knowledge of Americans derived from his Hawaii prep school, or Columbia University or Harvard Law School education or his experience limited to working in South Chicago or his religion based on a paranoia and Marxism.

The Democratic pundits who are Obama supporters are now trying their best to devise a new series of smoke and mirrors to detract from Obama’s latest blunder. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your perspective and philosophy, each blunder gives us a more intimate view of the real Barack Obama and a better idea of what he actually means by “change”.

Slowly but surely, all of these “out of context” comments by Barack Obama are giving us a true picture of the candidate that we will be able to eventually put together into an accurate and more complete context of the man.


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