Barack Obama said, “I speak in paragraphs.”

Well, Barack. I speak in English.

Last night, during his segment of the “Compassion Forum” sponsored by CNN in Pennsylvania, Barack in apparent frustration stated, “I speak in paragraphs”, an apparent allusion to many of his statements, or mis-statements being taken “out of context”.

Okay. As I said, “I speak in English.”

English is comprised of “words” which, when put together can form “phrases” which when put together can make sentences which when joined with other sentences can form paragraphs. Each at their own level can have significant meaning.

Barack, this is more fundamental and basic than English 101. Get a grip. Take a refresher course if necessary. I’m sorry that an elitist American education didn’t point this out to you. I learned this in Podunk, Georgia. I didn’t need to go to Columbia or Harvard for this to sink in.

I’ve read that the hardest part of Harvard is “getting in”, that it’s very hard to “flunk out”. Maybe after 100 plus years of a progressive educational program, they should rethink their policy. Maybe, at least, they need to consider something remedial in English … in honor of you, Barack.

As a matter of fact, I have two daughters that could teach you. The oldest had a perfect score on the verbal part of the GRE and the youngest has scored an 800 on the verbal part of the SAT. If you’re polite, one of them might consider tutoring you.

Yes, Barack. Words, even taken “out of context” do have meaning. That’s why we have dictionaries so that people, even you, can understand the meaning of words and thus use them in “proper context”.

You should appreciate this when you along with others have been so vocal in criticising various people in their choice of words. It really gets you when it comes back to bite you on the butt, doesn’t it?

When Don Imus had some derogatory and irreverent comments about the women’s basketball team at Princeton, you, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson were very quick to call for his job if not his head. Don Imus was derogatory and irreverent of everyone. In the context of his normal dialogue, he treated them no differently from the way he treated anyone else. But, he went too far … “in context” or “out of context”. Right?

Well, Barack. You’re going to be held to the same standard you espoused. It’s only fair. Every paragraph, sentence, phrase and word IS going to be parsed … looking for the slightest indication of insensitivity, arrogance and narcissism that you are becoming noted for which is indicative of your true character. The use of the phrase, “typical white person” or the words, “clinging” and “bitter”, do have their own meaning and when taken in the context of additional words like “guns” and “religion” or “antipathy” and “anti-immigrant”, they have even more meaning.

People just don’t like you looking down your nose at them, a nose which, by the way, is also assuming a length fast approaching your shoe size that would make even Pinocchio astonished.

You deserve to be held to the same standard which you use to criticize, deride and defame other people. Welcome to the world outside of South Chicago, Harvard Law School, Columbia University, preppy Hawaii or Indonesia.


2 Responses

  1. Good post! For going to the rich schools Obama sure did not learn much did he! I’m just a small town white working class American that went to a little county school until I was 17 and then joined the Air Force and did get a GED and I understand that words have a meaning. 🙂 But I also know where Obama is coming from and where he was filled with all that bitter he talks about.

  2. Yes exactly!

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