Barack “Mispoke”

I’m sitting here listening to an Obama supporter on Fox News trying to explain that Barack mispoke when he said that rural Americans are “bitter” and “clinging”. He goes on to compare it with Hillary Clinton “mispeaking” about her experience in Bosnia.

They just don’t get it!

Hillary mispoke about herself. It was a reflection on her and her memory.

Barack mispoke about rural Americans … about other people, not himself. He has set himself up as the person able to judge others. In the process, he is deriding and demeaning other people, not himself.

Everything about Barack Obama permeates of arrogance, condescension … elitism.

Do we really need a president who feels it’s his purpose to judge and demean people … rather than identify with them?

Barack doesn’t identify with average Americans … because he’s incapable. It’s not in his life’s experience.

His comments ranging from Annie Oakley and six guns to bitter and clinging regarding firearms, religion and immigration exemplify that he has no concept of how Americans view their rights and the world in general.

Do you really want to trust your Second Amendment rights to a person who doesn’t seem to understand the difference between a six gun and a shot gun?

And, if I remember correctly, Annie Oakley was a dead shot with a rifle, not a six gun or a shot gun.

Get your history right, Barack. It looks like you need a remedial course in more than English.

Hopefully, you are an expert in Foreign Policy … because you sure don’t seem to know much about this country.


4 Responses

  1. For trollfighter:

    Dude, get a life … and an iPhone … then you won’t need a tape recorder. And, watch your back … sneaking around recording people’s conversations.

  2. For kip:

    Sorry about the late note of appreciation. I went to see my oldest daughter give her master’s defense.

    I know I can always count on you being insightful.

  3. Watching FOX NEWS was your first mistake.

  4. He did NOT misspeak. He was telling the truth.

    The next time I go into some local blue collar American watering hole where all the gun-and bible-toting workers hang out, I’m bringing a tape recorder.

    The bitterness gets louder with every pop.

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