Obama’s “Not Wise Words”

What do we keep hearing this morning.

“Senator Obama admits he mispoke.”

“If he could, Senator Obama would take those words back.”

Okay. But then,

“But what Senator Obama said is essentially true.”

Okay. We get it.

Senator Obama regrets that he said what he did. But, he believes he was right.

“Maybe this is what he really feels.”

My question is, “Why maybe?”

It is what he feels. Remember, “He believes he was right.”

He wouldn’t say what he said in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa or Kansas, but he will say it in San Francisco where he doesn’t think that anyone who matters or will be offended will hear it.

In Georgia, we refer to people like that as “two-faced”, “backstabbing” or “worms” … and that’s the nicest thing we can say about them … the clean version.

And as far as Obama’s “apology” is concerned, “I regret that I may have offended anyone.”

Well, we’re sure that you do because your comments might cost you votes … but we realize that the possibility of loosing votes is the only reason you regret it.

It’s too bad that finding out the little dark secrets of what Barack Obama actually believes have to be discovered by hidden microphones to discern what Barack is telling one select group that he more than likely identifies with behind the back of another group who he obviously doesn’t identify with.


One Response

  1. The scary part is that Obama’s elitist attitude is
    the good news. The bad news is he has a horrible
    record in so many areas including associations with hate mongers, criminals and drug users.
    Now the latest question for me: with allegations
    from the gay community in Chicago;is Obama on the down low?

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