Obama Attacks “Politics of Fear”

Barack Obama is attacking Hillary Clinton’s latest ad in Pennsylvania briefly showing the image of Osama bin Laden referring to it as the “politics of fear”.

Well, I think fear is a overused word by the media and don’t feel most Americans are hiding in the closet afraid of Osama bin Laden or anything or anyone else, but I also think it’s pretty stupid to ignore history and not watch your back or keep vigilant guard against your enemies which includes destroying them when and wherever possible.

Obama’s notion that we should forget history unless it is convenient for his purposes is fairly simpleminded, but I’m finding that, for some reason, “simpleminded” seems to be very appealing in America these days.

For example, Barack wants us to remember that he opposed the war in Iraq in 2002 and 2003, but he wants us to forget 9/11 and somehow the image of Osama bin Laden still being out there is detrimental to his candidacy. I just don’t figure that … unless, in some way he has a problem dealing with Osama.

He wants us to be afraid, or fear, that John McCain is too old to be an effective president … yet he doesn’t turn down a photo op with Warren Buffett … a financial tycoon about McCain’s age. Warren Buffett is okay but John McCain isn’t. Go figure.

Barack just needs to make up his mind and get his message straight. Is that too much to ask of a Harvard trained lawyer?


2 Responses

  1. For http://loomisnews.wordpress.com/:

    The phrase,”Politics of Fear” is an “Obama quote” … from his own lips.
    … just quoting your man.

    By the way, isn’t he the one that said he would violate Pakistan’s sovereignty …

  2. You can keep ur politics of fear.

    Obama’s the only one who say’s he’ll go after bin Laden.

    Clintont wants to nuke Iran, & McCain wants to keep us tied down in Iraq forever.


    Clinton is Dr. Strangelove

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