Traveling during the Campaign Season

I’m finally back home.

I missed the debate in Philadelphia and deeply regret it. I understand it would have given me plenty to write about. I’ve been desperately trying to find a full length clip of it on the web today but haven’t been successful so far. If anyone has a recommendation for the source, let me know.

I understand from my daughter that my observation about Obama stuttering was strongly re-enforced by that debate. The guy just can’t function outside of his well rehearsed talking points. I thought lawyers were supposed to be able to think on their feet. He’s really starting to look like way less than mediocre.

Unfortunately, around 8 PM Wednesday night I was finally sitting on a flight in Atlanta headed to Phoenix after strong winds in Chicago delayed by nearly an hour the plane that I would eventually board in my hometown to connect with my flight in Atlanta headed for Phoenix. Needless to say, I missed the connection and had to wait an additional three hours. Hartfield-Jackson International Airport just isn’t that fun to wait in.

Now we know that strong winds in or from Chicago are effecting more than the campaign trail … unfortunately.


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