Barack’s No Athlete

Sure, he played basketball in high school in Hawaii. And, he practiced for hours on his own after school … so his coach says. No, he didn’t make the first team, but that’s really irrelevant.

Being an athlete is more that physical prowess and athletic ability. It is a state of mind.

The state of mind consists of an attitude which can accept defeat and continue to perform to the best of your ability on any defined field of competition.

That attitude is even more critical as the leader or captain of the team … or as the quarterback. That person has to lead and inspire his team mates in each arena of competition. He can’t stick his thumb in his mouth and go sulk in the locker room.

Playing “one on one” may be fun as far as a street sport goes but it has nothing to do with a team effort or leadership.

By not accepting the debate challenge in North Carolina, Barack Obama has shown the lack of a fundamental ability to lead and inspire. Leadership is about vigorously accepting challenges and not simply playing it safe. People who play it safe really aren’t winners and as leaders they lack the essential character to lead and inspire.

Barack Obama, as a graduate of Harvard Law School and Editor of the Harvard Law Review, is supposed to be the cream of the cream of the crop. His unwillingness to debate Hillary Clinton seems to be an admission that he knows he can’t beat Hillary in a debate.

Maybe Harvard Law School isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

Maybe Barack’s days as a bench warmer in Hawaii were prophetic. Maybe his reluctance to compete in debates is a simple admission of the truth … that he can’t.

Maybe he needs to go practice some more for right now and leave the game and the leadership to the first string. The country has a need right now for a leader who won’t go hide in then locker room when the going gets tough.


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