Obama Admits to PA. Underdog Status Because …

… , as he says, the Clinton political structure in Pennsylvania is just too strong.

Well, Barack, it certainly wasn’t from a lack of you outspending the Clintons there.

But … just suppose … hypothetically of course, maybe you, Barack, had something to do with it yourself.

For instance, “typical white people” … not exactly endearing.

And … “bitter”, “clinging to guns and religion …”. Sound familiar.

And … the debate last week. Ooouuuuuu …

Hypothetically, of course, Barack, you might have just shot yourself in the foot. Ouch!!!

Again, hypothetically, it’s probably a good thing that people actually started vetting you as late as they did … or you might not be having the bragging rights you’re desparately “clinging” to right now. Speaking of “clinging” …

Otherwise, the states that you’re so proud of winning might not have turned out the way they did. Lucky you!

However you spread it or spin it, people know an insult when they hear one … even, and especially, when they weren’t meant to hear it. People don’t like to feel like they’re being talked about behind their back or more specifically stabbed in the back.

If the Clinton political structure in Pennsylvania is too powerful for you to overcome, you really should be expect, … no … demand a “Thank you” note from Hillary after her win, because you sure did your share to help her.


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