Michael Pfleger, Another Chicago Slug

Thank you, Father Pfleger.

Just when things were getting dull, you’ve reminded us where Barack Obama came from and the character of his friends.

Michael Pfleger’s performance was not only disgusting but sickening. The congregation’s cheering of his performance was sickening. Trinity Church of Christ permeates with a perverse contradiction to all that religion should stand for as represented by the people who “preach” from its pulpit.

I presume that “Father” Pfleger believes that his “message” appeals to a certain group of people. Obviously, it does. There are people who are attracted to all sorts of perversions. I suppose that religious perversion as represented by Michael Pfleger and Jeremiah Wright can be added to the list.

Pfleger and Wright remind me of the movie, “Apocalypto”, where the high priest is standing on top of the pyramid hovering above his victim ready to cut the heart out of a living person. The crowd cheers. The priest cuts open the chest and severes the heart from its attachments, then holds it high. The crowd cheers, intoxicated with a blood lust only quenched by the sacrifice of another victim … and another. The high priest is fed by the fever of the crowd and another victim is brought forth. And on it goes.

But Pfleger and Wright “do good works”. They “help” the people they serve.

I’m sure the same was thought of those Mayan priests at the time … by the Mayans.

And Barack Obama found a form of Christianity here that he’s comfortable with. But a person shouldn’t be judged by the friends he keeps … or because of his religious beliefs.


The Oil Company Windfall Profit Myth

While Rome burned, Nero fiddled. Sound familiar. A popular story is that Nero actually started the fires in Rome to clear ground to build his new and improved Rome. The citizenry of Rome were outraged and a scapegoat, the Christians, were conveniently on hand to be given the blame.

Today, with oil prices soaring over $133 a barrel, Congress fiddles and the two Democratic presidential candidates as well as many of the party leaders in Washington have found their convenient scapegoats, American oil companies.

Look at the massive profits they made in the first quarter of 2008. Well, I did look. Everyone should look and see exactly what the Democrats are crying out about. Let’s look at Exxon Mobil as an example:

XOM: Income Statement for EXXON MOBIL CP – Yahoo! Finance

Wait a minute. Where’s that tremendous jump in money that congressional leaders and presidential candidates are crying about? In the first quarter of 2008, Exxon’s total gross revenues are only up by $200 million from fourth quarter 2007 while gross profit is actually down by over $500 million. Since last summer, they’re operating income is up by a little over $2 billion, slightly better than 10% … a respectable increase but not necessarily anything to be upset about or even jubilant about if you own their stock. Since the end of the second quarter of last year their cost of revenue has increased by more than 25% from approximately $55 billion to $70 billion while their total revenue has gone up a little less than 16% from $102 billion to $116 billion.

Exxon Mobile is a BIG corporation:

XOM: Balance Sheet for EXXON MOBIL CP – Yahoo! Finance

It’s total assets at the end of first quarter this year were more than $258 billion. That’s a little over a quarter of a trillion dollars of which nearly half is physical, property and equipment.

Their liabilities or debt is $135 billion leaving net assets of stock holder equity at $123 billion.

The cash flow statement is where Congress plays “gotcha”.

XOM: Cash Flow for EXXON MOBIL CP – Yahoo! Finance

Even though net income has marginally improved from $10, 260,000 at the end of the second quarter last year to $10, 890,000 at the end of first quarter this year, through changes in operating, investing and financing activities, their change in cash and cash equivalents has gone from a loss of over $1 billion to a gain of more than $6.9 billion with it nearly tripling since fourth quarter 2007.

Sure, they’ve increased their stock buy back program from $7 billion to more than $9 billion a quarter … but that’s less than 5% of their total assets. Their change in total cash flow from operating activities seems to have doubled in the past quarter but a close look and removing all of the negatives will reveal that it’s only increased by about $1billion or 5% since the end of fourth quarter of 2007.

Looking back at the Income Statement, on a net income in 2007 of about $70 billion, Exxon Mobil paid income taxes of nearly $30 billion, or about 43% of their net income. What does Congress think is a fair rate for them to pay … 100% … or more?

It’s a fact that these are gargantuan numbers. Exxon Mobil is a gargantuan corporation. Their cash flow and assets are enormous. So are their expenses.

American oil companies are becoming smaller and smaller players in on the world oil scene when it’s looked at in its totality. With the United States being the world’s largest oil products consumer, it’s their job to see that the needs of the American public are met. In doing this, they have to cater to the rules and regulations of the foreign governments that they deal with as well as our own. They have to stay competitive.

OPEC controls the supply of oil from it’s member nations. Couldn’t it be construed as just a little ironic and frankly two-faced that our Congress wants to sue these nations to try to force them to increase their oil output while at the same time, denying access to our own reserves?

Construed nothing … it’s insanity!!!

Barack Obama woos his supporters with promises of solar and wind energy. Where are those solar and wind powered cars and trucks? Solar collecting farms have to be put where there is abundant year round sunlight … yet environmentalists in the 1990’s blocked the connection of a large solar farm in the Arizona desert to southern California power grids to protect the migrating habits of a desert tortoise. The Kennedys don’t want a wind farm in the potentially highly productive area of Nantucket sound.

You can’t put cost effective solar farms in areas where there’s frequent heavy cloud cover and you can’t put cost effective wind farms where there aren’t predictable and sustainable winds.

I’ve written previously that crude oil prices react to news. Yesterday, Boone Pickens said oil would go to $150 a barrel and predictably it’s gone from $128 a barrel yesterday to over $133 a barrel today.

The only predictable thing Congress has done is … nothing!!!

I still believe that some CONSTRUCTIVE action on Congress’ part would have a profound effect on oil prices … and that’s not sticking the oil companies with so-called windfall profit taxes or ludicrously threatening to sue OPEC. That’s about as stupid and juvenile as the snitch threatening, “I’m going to tell your mother!!” Get real!

It’s time for Congress and our presidential candidates to do a reality check … take a look in the mirror … and see where the problem really lies.

Barack is “Whip Ass” Mad about Attacks on Michelle

Barack said people who attack his wife had better watch out.

Ooouuuuu …….

Well, I’m shaking in my boat shoes and wetting my pants.

Barack warns that Michelle is off limits and anyone who attacks her is “low class”. He ought to know about “low class”.

The South Chicago rooster is clicking his spurs, fanning his tail, blowing out his chest and spreading his wings. Except the rooster is really Tweety Bird casting a giant shadow and the true South Chicago strutter is the Big Hen ruling the roost and more than adequately filling the shadow being cast.




I suspect Michelle Obama is better equipped to physically protect Barack than vice versa.

Barack Obama Claims Kennedy Talked the Soviet Union Missles Out of Cuba

Wait a minute.

Barack Obama, in trying to rebuke John McCain’s statement that he, Obama, is inexperienced in foreign diplomacy by wanting to talk to America’s enemies, said in a speech today that John Kennedy talked the Soviets into removing their missiles from Cuba.

Was growing up in Middle Georgia something of a dream … or rather nightmare … during that time or is Barack Obama conveniently rewriting American History to suit his presidential campaign?

I grew up in a small town in middle Georgia which had two major railways that crossed just east of the courthouse. My parent’s home was at the top of a hill about five blocks above and north of the downtown area with its’ one stoplight one block north of the courthouse. The major north-south line which I think was Atlantic Coastline Railway ran through a shallow ravine about three blocks behind and east of my parents home. From our vantage point we could see the cars and flatbeds of every train that came through on that line.

I can recall cars loaded with armaments heading south … tanks, trucks, jeeps, … missiles … all loaded and headed South … dark painted passenger cars for troops.

I recall going to visit relatives in LaGrange and passing through the small hamlet of Mauk … multiple midrange ICBM’s on flatbed cars with a command car parked on the sidings at this two or three house spot in the middle of nowhere … the cars painted that dark Air Force blue.

OF course we couldn’t see those parts of the Atlantic fleet that were carrying out the Cuban Blockade to stop the Soviet Union from delivering (more) nuclear missiles to Cuba … bu they were plenty evident on the TV.

I was satisfied from my “safe” home far from Cuba that I was seeing as much of a potential war as I wanted to. At the ripe old age of 11, I along with many of my friends, were getting our own first hand view of what a military crisis looked like. The Cuban Missile Crisis wasn’t taking place more than a thousand miles from home. It was taking place in our back yards. Furthermore, we were all well aware that, should hostilities break out living less than 50 miles from Robins AFB with it’s Strategic Air Command facilities would afford us the opportunity for a front row view of what living with high levels of nuclear fallout would be.

The most affluent families quickly purchased and installed fallout shelters in their back yards. They were the hottest things selling that fall for the privileged few. We weren’t one of the affluent. My father, as a government employee, was part of the Civil Defense Cadre. One evening, during that time, I got my first look at a Geiger counter. The little ticking noise heard when you turned it on sounded slightly ominous … background radiation my father explained. I’m not sure that it wasn’t the soul piece of equipment that he received to perform his duties. Maybe he got one of those yellow helmets too. Personally, I was morbidly fascinated by the Geiger counter.

I think my father, besides not having the money to buy a fallout shelter, was rather pragmatic. What would the fallout shelter buy you other than a little claustrophobic time? Besides that, I don’t think he looked forward to living in a 7 by 12 cylinder with my sisters and me for a couple of weeks … or months. Just kidding … I know he loved all of us and would have done anything he felt was practical for us. I just don’t think he considered surviving a nuclear holocaust if at all possible given our proximity to Robins AFB was in any way practical.

Right Dad, you check the radiation levels 50 miles from ground zero (if the Russians were that accurate) and tell all of those people with the fallout shelters when it’s safe to come out … if you live that long. Frankly, in my Podunk, Georgia, there were no public buildings … or any other buildings … adequate for public fallout shelters.

Is that the talking diplomacy of John F. Kennedy that Barack Obama is referring to?

If I remember correctly, it was Kennedy’s ineptitude in Vienna, Austria in a meeting with Khrushchev a little earlier where Krushchev made him look like a pimple on an adolescent boy’s nose combined with his total botching of the Bay of Pigs invasion that led to the mess we were in.

Bay of Pigs Invasion – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Kennedy was so ineffective that Khruschev started building the Berlin Wall a month or so later and started putting missiles in Cuba a year later. Khruschev was definitely impressed with John f. Kennedy.

This is the person Barack Obama wants to emulate. Does it remind you of the movie, “Dumb and Dumber”?

I recently saw part of the Ted Sorenson interview on the “Tim Russert Show” on MSNBC. Fortunately, I didn’t get to watch the entire episode. I was queasy enough after seeing just the end of the interview. It was another lovefest reminescent of the Bill Moyers/ Jeremiah Wright interview on PBS. Somehow, Sorenson managed to convert his high school debating skills into world saving wisdom and aptitude. And, Tim Russert couldn’t “oou” and “aaah” enough, “Imagine that … high school debating skills … Oouuu …. Aaaah.” I had to check the channel and TV listings to make sure I wasn’t watching Big Bird on Sesame Street.

Tim Russert show on MSNBC – Meet the Press, online at MSNBC- msnbc.com

Sorenson was bragging about being one of Kennedy’s new intellectual advisors replacing “those advisors” who had been there for the Bay of Pigs fiasco. The only problem he failed to mention was the man at the head of the table was still the same.

So …

Is Barack Obama going to take us back to the Kennedy days? Is that his view of the future and “change”?

Frankly, it sounds like more “SOS” to me …

The Kicked Dog Hollers

President Bush stated that it was foolish and dangerous for people to think that they can negotiate with terrorists and should remember that appeasement doesn’t work.

Barack Obama was the first … and only … person to cry foul. It must have struck a nerve.

President Bush’s comments most probably were directed at Jimmy Carter. Frankly, it’s amazing how much he reminds me of Neville Chamberlain.

But …

Barack Obama cries foul. Maybe he was planning some things that he just hasn’t informed the American public about.

Is it possible that Robert Malley as one of George Soros’ surrogates in the Obama Campaign was a sacrificial lamb to hide the truth?

Since Obama went to meet with Soros before he declared his candidacy for president, maybe everyone should look at Soros’ world vision to see what an Obama presidency will be like. I wonder if George has already reserved his dates for the Lincoln bedroom … or maybe all of the dates. That way, he won’t have far to go to prop his feet up on the desk in the oval office.

Tyson Slocum says “$0.05 a gallon decrease in gasoline better than $0.18”

Tyson Slocum is the director of the Energy Program division of the blog site, Public Citizen. He appeared earlier today on a segment of Fox News.

Public Citizen | Energy Program | Energy Program – Who We Are

When asked earlier today whether congress voting to stop putting crude oil into the strategic reserve which would add about 70,000 gallons of gasoline to the approximately 22,000,000 gallons that the United States uses daily … which would have the effect of decreasing a gallon of gasoline by $0.05 a gallon, he said he thought this was a good idea … every little bit helps.”

That is what he actually said, “Every little bit helps.”

But when asked about the gas tax rebate which would have the effect of decreasing the price of gasoline by $0.18 a gallon, he reiterated that the rebate was a bad idea.

Now …

I know it’s been a long time since I took any math courses, especially comparing numbers like 5 and 18. It had to be somewhere back in elementary school … first or second grade. But, unless things have changed dramatically, 5 is still less than 18. Even when my classmates and I were introduced to new or Modern Math in the seventh grade, 5 was still less than 18.

So …

Why is Barack Obama’s five cents better than Hillary Clinton’s and John McCain’s 18 cents?

I know it has to do with the transportation infrastructure fund and stopping adding crude oil to the strategic reserve, but … still … when is a lesser little bit better than a greater little bit. And as far as comparing the infrastructure fund with the strategic oil reserve, what is the defineable distinction? what is the difference between taking money out of your left pocket or your right pocket?

And since when did any Democrat or Republican have any respect for the integrity of any specified fund? They’ve all been raiding the Social Security Fund since its inception. Just throw in a few I.O.U.s. What another I.O.U.?

What’s the point in protecting the highway fund when very few will be able to use the highways in the future?

And, if you listen to what the politicians and environmentalists are saying, that’s exactly the purpose of doing nothing substantial? If gasoline prices keep getting higher, people will be forced to drive less.

The only problem is that people are driving less and gasoline prices are getting higher. At what point will the Democrats decide that the prices are high enough to do something more immediate like setting aside a few of their sacred cows … when working people can’t afford to drive to work … when people have to choose between food and clothing versus fuel to get to work to earn the money to get food and clothing or housing?

With the price of diesel fuel essentially doubling in the past six months, how long will it be before the price of all goods dependent on the trucking industry for distribution to increase proportionally?

A final word … my inflated 2 cents worth …

Topping of this country’s strategic oil reserve makes a lot more sense than protecting the highway fund. What’s the point in protecting the highway fund if you can’t protect the country? But then, what’s the point in filling the strategic oil reserve when you have to buy the oil from your present and future enemies and your ability to run your military more than three months is dependent on their good will since your own elected leaders won’t let you “drill, drill, drill” in your own back yard?

Some bright inventor needs to figure out how to operate an Abrams tank or a B1 bomber on solar panels and wind turbines.

Another Take on Hillary’s “Hard Working White Americans”

Well, guess what hit the fan today?

Hillary Clinton quoted a AP article regarding ” hard working white Americans” being turned off by the Obama campaign.

Now, black Americans are all indignant, feeling insulted, thinking that the implication of the comment was that there are no “hard working” black Americans. Speaking of paranoia, black Americans should really get over it and actually take time to think about what was said. They need to just get over thinking everything about white Americans has some ulterior implication about them.

With Black Americans who are voting in the Democratice primaries leaning heavily toward Barack Obama in the range of 80% or 90% or greater, it’s fairly obvious that Black Americans, whether hardworking or lazy … or in between … are voting for Barack Obama. Does anyone have a argument with that?

The real twist on the AP article which Hillary quoted is that the white Americans who are being turned off by the Obama campaign and not voting for him are the “hard working” white Americans … in increasing numbers as they learn more about Obama.

The implication of this article and comment isn’t an insult, if it’s to be taken that way, to black Americans, but to those white Americans who are voting for Obama … the lazy shiftless ones.

That’s right. This isn’t about black America. It’s about all those “intellectual” whites in the Democratic party who don’t break a sweat in their daily endeavors, at least not in the workplace, who are voting for Obama.

Now, should all whites who have voted for Obama be offended?

Probably not all … at least those who voted for him before they knew anything about him shouldn’t be offended by this most recent comment. Their’s is a different problem.

The really interesting thing is that, while writing this, I have been half way listening to the news and a man by the name of John Kass is on. John Kass was born in Chicago in the 1950’s and is an award winning columnist who has been working on the Chicago Tribune since 1983. The statement by him that caught my attention was, “I have no idea what Barack Obama’s ideology is.”

This is from a man who has lived in Chicago all his life and has been involved in Chicago news all of his adult life.

Maybe the intellectuals will finally start acting intellectual and become “inquiring minds” and the “hardworking” Americans, both black and white, will get over feeling duped and will have a second chance to correct their previous mistake … once a little more is actually known about Obama.