Joe Andrew Again: Joe Claims He had an Epiphany


This guy’s weird! Literally.

On Fox and Friends this morning, Joe Andrew basically stated in a live interview … I’m mentioning all of this because he also didn’t appear drugged … that he woke up one morning this week and decided that Barack Obama was the best candidate for the Democrats, that he has been inspired by Barack Obama like he was inspired by Bill Clinton back in the 1990’s.

It appears that, somehow, Joe found Barack’s repudiation of Jeremiah Wright inspiring. I’m a little reluctant to say awe inspiring because I would use Joe’s timing for changing his endorsement to be an act invoking awe.

While most sane Americans are raising questions in their minds about the suitability of Barack Obama to be president because of his extremely tardy and still rather lackluster repudiation and comdemnation of Jeremiah Wright and then, it appears, only because Wright basically called Obama a liar … a response to a personal attack and not necessarily a response to all of Wright’s other outrages … well … Joe finally gets an epiphany.

Does anyone other than myself get the impression that Joe’s timing chain is skipping a little?

Well, I think Joe’s been sitting at idle for a long time and his brain misfired repeatedly this week.

“Putt,putt, POW! … putt, putt, putt, POW! … Putt, putt, putt …”

Get a tune up, Joe. The smoke is clouding your mirror.


One Response

  1. I had never heard of Joe Andrew until last week and hope to never hear of him again. I spent a while looking at the photo posted next to his traitorous speech switching from Clinton to Obama. What I saw was beady little eyes on a face that looks like the Pillsbury Doughboy. I would guess Joe to be a closet gay. His actions spoke much more about himself than they did Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. All I can say, Joe, is what goes around comes around…at least most times that I’ve observed.

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