Al Sharpton: Will There be an American People Revolt if Obama isn’t the Democratic Nominee?

I can see the point that Al is making when asked the question, “Will African Americans revolt if the Democratic nomination is taken from Barack Obama?”

Reverend Sharpton was quick to point out when asked the question by Giraldo Rivera on Fox News tonight, that not only African Americans but a lot of white voters voted for Barack Obama.

True. But …

Right now I’m wondering just how many of those people who voted for Obama back in January would like to change their votes. We’ve already seen the results that Obama’s statements made during the Pennsylvania campaign. Now we have the antics of Jeremiah Wright this past week and are anxiously awaiting the results of the primaries in North Carolina and Indiana to judge the effects of these most recent revelations on the political fortune of Barack Obama.

Fortunately for Barack Obama, he’s able to validate his claims to be the Democratic nominee based on static results in a fluid campaign season. Does anyone really believe that the voters in Kansas, Iowa, South Dakota and Georgia have been hibernating since their primary? Isn’t it entirely possible that the national polls that are showing marked declines in Obama’s national standing might not have a few of those previous voters weighing in with their changing opinions also?

For example …

Let’s face it Jimmy, all those people who voted for you in 1976, a very slim margin though they were, simply weren’t there in 1980. I suspect that it took a lot less than four years for the people who voted for Jimmy Carter to be president to realize that they had been duped and made a horrendous mistake.

People can and do change their minds frequently for very obvious reasons. But, elections would have no value if the results at the time of the election, even a primary, don’t carry weight. That’s just the way it’s supposed to be.

And we’re supposed to trust our news media to be responsible entities to help the public fairly and accurately assess candidates, to acquire information regarding the candidates and to disseminate it in a fair and impartial manner … except they don’t and they didn’t.

Maybe this year will change the entire psyche of the election process. Wouldn’t it be interesting if all of the states started vying to see which could have the last primary … quite possibly the state saving the nation from a national disgrace and fiasco. Some good could come from this election year after all.


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