Marxism … Alive and Well at Trinity Church of Christ

After watching Jeremiah Wright’s “coming out” party around last weekend beginning with Bill Moyers on PBS last Friday and ending with the grand finale at the National Press Club this past Monday, we finally have a clearer perspective of what Wright’s church has been like for, not only the past twenty or so years, but since his appointment as it’s minister in the early 1970’s. Wright’s Liberation Theology full of Marxist philosophy and rhetoric is the core of his ministry at Trinity Church of Christ.

Anyone who has any doubts regarding the Marxist basis of Wright’s ministry should watch the following video clips from Hannity’s America presented on Fox News last night. One is on the basis of Wright’s theology, frequently strikingly presented in Wright’s own words:

The other is an assessment of Wright’s ministry as presented by fellow black minister, Reverend Eugene Rivers:

Both the presentation of Black Liberation Theology presented in the first clip and the assessment of Reverend Wright presented in the second clip should leave very little doubt regarding the origin of Wright’s philosophy and the use Wright has put it to in his ministry.

Jeremiah Wright can be minimalized as an eccentric as well as egocentric demagogue functioning outside of the norm of American society in general and the black community specifically if one is inclined to do that. I have no doubt there are those who actually share his views of the world in general and the United States specifically, but for those who don’t should be seriously asking the question regarding how this man has influenced and impacted Barack Obama, the leading Democratic contender for President of the United States.

Barack Obama, Democratic party leaders and Democratic pundits would like to push this entire issue under the table and get back to what they refer to as the real and important issues. Of what value is discussing issues when spouted from the lips of a person in whom there is no confidence, credibility, or trust?

Are Americans truly the sheep that political leaders treat them like that they may be herded, used, sheared and dismissed at a group of politicians’ or a fanatical demagogue’s whim?


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