Obama Under Fire Exhibits Leadership … Say What?

Senator Bob Casey, a Democratic senator from Pennsylvania, during an interview on Fox News this afternoon stated that Senator Obama shows good leadership qualities when under fire.

Hummmmmmmmm …………

Now correct me if I’m wrong, but …

Hasn’t it taken Barack Obama at least three to four days to respond to each crisis his campaign has faced?

I understand that “haste makes waste”, but I wouldn’t exactly attribute Obama with being light … well, maybe light … but not exactly quick on his feet in responding to challenges. As a matter of fact, he has problems putting together complete coherent sentences when confronted.

He has so much trouble as exhibited in his last debate with Hillary Clinton, he now refuses to debate. It took him five days to prepare his now famous speech after the first problems with Jeremiah Wright surfaced … not exactly nimble or lightening fast. It even took Barack 24 hours to figure out that Wright had insulted him at the National Press Club. This dumb redneck figured that out in less than a second.

Maybe we should give Obama a free ride regarding Wright. The more I think about it, the more I suspect that maybe he didn’t have a clue as to what was going on.

Excuse me, but I don’t exactly consider hiding in the trenches when the shooting starts as “good leadership qualities”.

As far as Obama’s $1000 tax rebate this summer is concerned, the Democratic leadership has basically already proposed the same a good while back so why not reiterate it and claim it as your own. It doesn’t require any thinking, originality or creativity.

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe what some people are interpreting as calm and calculating, thoughtful and reserved, I’m simply seeing as inept, ineffective, indecisive, inarticulate … bordering on being a dullard … under fire … and people are buying this.

Just curious …

What leadership or executive position has Barack Obama ever held? What leadership or executive training has he ever had? He hasn’t even established himself as a leader within the Senate.

Leadership under fire? What leadership?


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