Another Take on Hillary’s “Hard Working White Americans”

Well, guess what hit the fan today?

Hillary Clinton quoted a AP article regarding ” hard working white Americans” being turned off by the Obama campaign.

Now, black Americans are all indignant, feeling insulted, thinking that the implication of the comment was that there are no “hard working” black Americans. Speaking of paranoia, black Americans should really get over it and actually take time to think about what was said. They need to just get over thinking everything about white Americans has some ulterior implication about them.

With Black Americans who are voting in the Democratice primaries leaning heavily toward Barack Obama in the range of 80% or 90% or greater, it’s fairly obvious that Black Americans, whether hardworking or lazy … or in between … are voting for Barack Obama. Does anyone have a argument with that?

The real twist on the AP article which Hillary quoted is that the white Americans who are being turned off by the Obama campaign and not voting for him are the “hard working” white Americans … in increasing numbers as they learn more about Obama.

The implication of this article and comment isn’t an insult, if it’s to be taken that way, to black Americans, but to those white Americans who are voting for Obama … the lazy shiftless ones.

That’s right. This isn’t about black America. It’s about all those “intellectual” whites in the Democratic party who don’t break a sweat in their daily endeavors, at least not in the workplace, who are voting for Obama.

Now, should all whites who have voted for Obama be offended?

Probably not all … at least those who voted for him before they knew anything about him shouldn’t be offended by this most recent comment. Their’s is a different problem.

The really interesting thing is that, while writing this, I have been half way listening to the news and a man by the name of John Kass is on. John Kass was born in Chicago in the 1950’s and is an award winning columnist who has been working on the Chicago Tribune since 1983. The statement by him that caught my attention was, “I have no idea what Barack Obama’s ideology is.”

This is from a man who has lived in Chicago all his life and has been involved in Chicago news all of his adult life.

Maybe the intellectuals will finally start acting intellectual and become “inquiring minds” and the “hardworking” Americans, both black and white, will get over feeling duped and will have a second chance to correct their previous mistake … once a little more is actually known about Obama.


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