Tyson Slocum says “$0.05 a gallon decrease in gasoline better than $0.18”

Tyson Slocum is the director of the Energy Program division of the blog site, Public Citizen. He appeared earlier today on a segment of Fox News.

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When asked earlier today whether congress voting to stop putting crude oil into the strategic reserve which would add about 70,000 gallons of gasoline to the approximately 22,000,000 gallons that the United States uses daily … which would have the effect of decreasing a gallon of gasoline by $0.05 a gallon, he said he thought this was a good idea … every little bit helps.”

That is what he actually said, “Every little bit helps.”

But when asked about the gas tax rebate which would have the effect of decreasing the price of gasoline by $0.18 a gallon, he reiterated that the rebate was a bad idea.

Now …

I know it’s been a long time since I took any math courses, especially comparing numbers like 5 and 18. It had to be somewhere back in elementary school … first or second grade. But, unless things have changed dramatically, 5 is still less than 18. Even when my classmates and I were introduced to new or Modern Math in the seventh grade, 5 was still less than 18.

So …

Why is Barack Obama’s five cents better than Hillary Clinton’s and John McCain’s 18 cents?

I know it has to do with the transportation infrastructure fund and stopping adding crude oil to the strategic reserve, but … still … when is a lesser little bit better than a greater little bit. And as far as comparing the infrastructure fund with the strategic oil reserve, what is the defineable distinction? what is the difference between taking money out of your left pocket or your right pocket?

And since when did any Democrat or Republican have any respect for the integrity of any specified fund? They’ve all been raiding the Social Security Fund since its inception. Just throw in a few I.O.U.s. What another I.O.U.?

What’s the point in protecting the highway fund when very few will be able to use the highways in the future?

And, if you listen to what the politicians and environmentalists are saying, that’s exactly the purpose of doing nothing substantial? If gasoline prices keep getting higher, people will be forced to drive less.

The only problem is that people are driving less and gasoline prices are getting higher. At what point will the Democrats decide that the prices are high enough to do something more immediate like setting aside a few of their sacred cows … when working people can’t afford to drive to work … when people have to choose between food and clothing versus fuel to get to work to earn the money to get food and clothing or housing?

With the price of diesel fuel essentially doubling in the past six months, how long will it be before the price of all goods dependent on the trucking industry for distribution to increase proportionally?

A final word … my inflated 2 cents worth …

Topping of this country’s strategic oil reserve makes a lot more sense than protecting the highway fund. What’s the point in protecting the highway fund if you can’t protect the country? But then, what’s the point in filling the strategic oil reserve when you have to buy the oil from your present and future enemies and your ability to run your military more than three months is dependent on their good will since your own elected leaders won’t let you “drill, drill, drill” in your own back yard?

Some bright inventor needs to figure out how to operate an Abrams tank or a B1 bomber on solar panels and wind turbines.


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