Michael Pfleger, Another Chicago Slug

Thank you, Father Pfleger.

Just when things were getting dull, you’ve reminded us where Barack Obama came from and the character of his friends.

Michael Pfleger’s performance was not only disgusting but sickening. The congregation’s cheering of his performance was sickening. Trinity Church of Christ permeates with a perverse contradiction to all that religion should stand for as represented by the people who “preach” from its pulpit.

I presume that “Father” Pfleger believes that his “message” appeals to a certain group of people. Obviously, it does. There are people who are attracted to all sorts of perversions. I suppose that religious perversion as represented by Michael Pfleger and Jeremiah Wright can be added to the list.

Pfleger and Wright remind me of the movie, “Apocalypto”, where the high priest is standing on top of the pyramid hovering above his victim ready to cut the heart out of a living person. The crowd cheers. The priest cuts open the chest and severes the heart from its attachments, then holds it high. The crowd cheers, intoxicated with a blood lust only quenched by the sacrifice of another victim … and another. The high priest is fed by the fever of the crowd and another victim is brought forth. And on it goes.

But Pfleger and Wright “do good works”. They “help” the people they serve.

I’m sure the same was thought of those Mayan priests at the time … by the Mayans.

And Barack Obama found a form of Christianity here that he’s comfortable with. But a person shouldn’t be judged by the friends he keeps … or because of his religious beliefs.


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