Windows 7 … another Microsoft Innovation to be Shoved Down Our throats

Microsoft’s next incarnation of it’s operating system (OS) is now being whispered about in public. Apparently, instead of an improved and updated version of Microsoft’s best and most practical OS, Windows XP Pro, it appears that Windows 7 will be just another bloated behemoth that will force everyone to buy the next latest and greatest computer already outdated just to keep from having to take a nap, much less a coffee break, while it loads.

As Bill Gates recently revealed, the new operating system will incorporate a multipoint touch screen for carrying out even the most mundane commands. Now, everyone that currently has a touch screen computer, please raise your hand. Unfortunately, this new operating system isn’t going to magically or miraculously turn your current monitor into a touch screen device. That’s going to take another huge chunk of change or probably even a loan … like a home loan and auto loan isn’t already enough.

I recently watched a video clip preview of the new operating system. Touch this … touch that. You can use two hands or two fingers … simultaneously. I wonder how they’re going to handle it for the disabled … bilateral upper extremity amputees and the blind. I’m not picking at the disabled. I’m having orthopedic problems and my vision isn’t what it used to be … and I’m wondering if Microsoft is going to eventually gimmick me out of my ability to use a computer.

At least some people, myself included, were hoping that Windows 7 would be a correction of the bloated, memory and cpu intensive Windows Vista that only Microsoft seems to be raving about.

While waiting … eternally waiting … for the promised update to Windows XP Pro, SP3, the message is still going around that Microsoft will stop support for XP Pro and other version of XP soon. Only Microsoft could be so inept. Now that XP has matured and many of the bugs have finally be removed or at least molified, they want to drop it. I suppose it makes sense from a financial standpoint … make something new and force people to buy it to keep the cash flow coming. But how much will the computing public put up with before they rebel and overthrow the dictatorship of Microsoft?

For some reason, they seem to completely discount that fruity little company that has managed to survive and is slowly but surely gaining market share year after year … yeah … Apple. Then there’s Sun Microsystems which is still alive even though it can’t aim the gun straight when it tries to shoot itself in the head … forget about the foot. Although the creases from the bullet wounds are deep, Sun’s OS, Solaris, is still alive and out there lurking among the open source rebels … also waiting for Microsoft to commit a fatal blunder. Then there’s also all the flavors of the open source champion, Linux. Microsoft pundits and diehards are quick to criticise it, but it continues to live and thrive in a small but growing niche of the computing world being fed by Microsoft’s bullying and ineptitude.

Every time a new removable media for storage is developed, Microsoft’s tendency is to engorge its operating system to max out the media’s capacity. From the 5.25 inch floppy disk to the high density dual layer DVD, Microsoft has kept pace. With every computing advance that promises greater speed, Microsoft has to bog the computer down with “enhancements”.

Frankly, I don’t want to play “This little piggy went to market” with my computer. I’ve already maxed out the ability to upgrade the memory and video capacity of a computer that I built a year ago just keeping up with the “security” or “critical” downloads Microsoft keeps throwing at me … whether I want them or not … and especially WHEN I don’t want them.

I don’t use Vista. I’m still running XP Pro and am very satisfied with it … well, as much as a person can be. I read enough reviews about Vista before its release and have kept up with its developments since its release to know that I don’t want my computer contaminated with its inherent quirks, whether bloated graphics, insane security tweaks or lack of functional drivers.

Maybe someone needs to tell Microsoft that … maybe, just maybe … it’s okay to have three versions of their operating system. And I’m not talking about the five versions that they have of Vista … nothing like that.

Why not offer a “relatively lean” operating system like XP Pro and do away with the worthless, watered down XP Home. Then have a Vista …. with all the promised bells and whistles as found in Ultimate … and forget about the other versions that don’t really measure up … as their graphics intensive demon OS. And … then they can offer their touchy, feely Windows 7 for those that really do have to get tactile with their computer.

And … leave the rest of us alone with our lean, relatively mean OS that is functioning just fine … but not left out in the cold.

That would be a change. Bill Gates and Microsoft actually doing something for, and not to, the very people that have provided the billions of dollars that Bill Gates wants to give to the noncomputing world. Yes, Microsoft … how about showing some compassion to the humanity that made your benevolence possible?


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