Greta’s Poll: Does Senator Obama Talk Down to Black People?

Gee, Greta.

Get the question right.

Does Senator Obama talk down to everyone?


If Jesse Jackson thinks Senator Obama is talking down to black people, he finally getting the perception regarding black people that a lot of other “non-black” people have been getting for a long time.

In spite of his apology and excuses to the “otherwise”, Jesse Jackson hit the nail on the head. Barack Obama has been talking down to a lot of people for a long time. I’m glad a black leader finally gets it. Go, Jesse! It’s too bad you decided to “eat crow” and try to retract your deafening and “on the money” whispers.

How long will it take the Obama camp to work out a response for this one? Or … will Jesse Jackson’s gobbledy-goop, double-talking explanation suffice? One thing the Obama machine can’t be accused of is being quick witted … in spite of their exposure to … Hah’vard.

If the stakes in this election weren’t so high and of such a serious nature, the Democratic foibles and faux pas would be hilarious.


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