Obama Refuses to Give U.S. Troops Credit for Surge Success

While admitting that the surge has improved conditions on the ground in Iraq, Senator Barack Obama repeatedly refused to give American troops any credit for the improvements.

Instead, he totally evaded that issue by playing “what if”; i.e., we don’t know what would have happened if the surge hadn’t occurred … and steadfastly sticking by his vote against the surge. While adhering to his vote against the surge he also refused to apply a quantitative estimate of the effect of American forces on the improvements in Iraq while alluding to the possible effects of the Sunnis rebeling against Al Quaeda and a “so-called” cease fire called by Al Sadir supposedly restraining his Shiah militia.


Barack Obama supports the troops, but he refuses to give them any credit for improvements in Iraq. That must be a tremendous morale booster … knowing that someone who may be the next president of the United States has no capacity to assess troop effectiveness in a war zone which intreprets into a total lack of support … or respect … for the efforts of each individual soldier, marine, airman or sailor in Iraq … not to mention his own inability to deal with reality beyond his self-perception perpetually fed by a frenzied horde of sychophants.

Barack Obama’s ego is so fragile that he can’t recognize others efforts if their efforts … in some way … in his imagination … threaten his self image.

Well … now Barack wants to play “what if” to justify his decisions. That sounds like it’s a few steps away from a delusional madman hunkered down in a bunker in Berlin giving orders to move imaginary divisions while the city was being bombed into rubble, decaying flesh and dust around himself.

An extreme analogy?

Not really … just an assessment of a narcissistic personality and where it can go in extremes.

Now, don’t forget … this isn’t a person who wants to get the nation out of wars. He wants to get the nation out of a war that HE opposed. But … he wants to increase American presence in Afganistan … which he perceives as HIS war and wants to take it into Pakistan according to HIS assessment … but he disagrees with current military leaders who have been successful in extremely challenging situations. These military leaders are very different from Wesley Clark or “Tony” McPeak.  Remember, Wesley Clark commanded a “nonengagement” and McPeak had the responsibility of stripping the Air Force from 200 wings to 90 wings. Obama sees the resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan as a failed Bush policy rather than the failure of NATO and the European community to uphold their commitment.

Don’t get me wrong about Afghanistan. I am totally for cleaning up the mess there … the fairly stable situation that we left for the Europeans and NATO to manage and the one which they’ve totally screwed up.

It will be interesting to see how he will now approach the European community. Will he be kissing European derrieres or chiding them for back stabbing the United States by failing to do their job in Afghanistan? That will be one defining difference between a politician and world leader.


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