Recent Terminex Ad: “Roaches Won’t Survive End of World”

I would think that anyone who’s traveled outside their home county and watched ads on a local television during their travels might have noticed that the ads are geared to the local or regional population. In other words, the ads in Richmond, Washington are different from the ads in Los Angeles, California which are different from the ads in Charleston, South Carolina.

They’re targeted toward the ad’s chosen demographic population. In western Washington state you would think the population is made up of only white cowboys, in Los Angeles only Hispanics and in Charleston only blacks since these are the predominent actors in the local commercials in each area. You would think no other ethnicity or individuals with a different social backgrounds lived in the areas. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but what the heck. It’s a definitely noticeable trend.

Now, how many people have seen the recent Terminex ad about roaches? They claim that, because of their specific brand of bug killers, even roaches won’t survive the end of the world … complete with a view of some nuclear bombed out city. Hey … Terminex … this is pretty depressing stuff … not even cockroaches??

With all of the recent bans on pesticides, there are few that are available outside the various incarnations of pyrithrins. Now who has shared my experience that you actually have to use about a half can of Raid to literally drown that old durable cockroach?

This could be specifically a Charleston problem. With much of the downtown area developed on landfills, there have been ample breeding grounds for roaches for a long time. And, if you happen to have the time, just take a look at what comes stampeding out of the local storm sewerage system when there’s a torrential downpour.

Don’t get me wrong. Charleston is a beautiful and historic city with much of the charm of the Old South still present within its city limits. But, like any near Eutopia, it does have its distractions … alligators, various poisonous snakes, wharf rats the size of the Taco Bell dog, sand gnats, cockroaches and the official state insect … the Palmetto Bug … a smaller version of the infamous cockroach.

Cockroaches and their smaller cousin, the Palmetto Bug, have been adapting and mutating to handle and survive any and everything the pest extermination community has developed to throw at them for a long time and will most assuredly continue to do so.

So …

Terminex, I know you thought your ad was humorous in some sort of perverse way but, besides being grossly inaccurate, it’s not even funny. And quite frankly, who gives a wharf rat’s extremely long hairless tail what does or doesn’t survive after the human race is gone?


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