It’s the News, Stupid!!

Paraphrasing that Democratic strategist, James Carville … and, by the way, he was right about the economy … if the Democrats would just quit lying about it, “It is the News, Stupid!!!

Hey, Barack, I’m talking to you!!

Barack Obama repeatedly says that drilling won’t make any difference, no more than two or three cents per gallon of gasoline … sometime in the future. You’ve heard him. He says it repeatedly … speaking of someone being stale.

Last week, President Bush rescinded the executive ban on offshore drilling. Since then, the price of oil has dropped from over $147/ barrel of crude to around $125/barrel. In about a week, the price of gasoline in my local area has dropped from over $3.90 a gallon to $3.79 at one of the pricier stations that I noticed this past afternoon. That’s a decline of $22 a barrel for crude and over 11 cents a gallon for regular gasoline … in a little over a week … not years.

That means that some simple news which brings the hope, or threat, of greater drilling by the United States has reduced the price of gasoline by three to four times the effect predicted by Barack Obama of the United States actually drilling in banned areas.

So much for Barack Obama’s great judgment and wisdom … as well as that of his advisors.

Imagine what would happen if Congress would actually vote to remove the ban that they have on drilling offshore and in ANWR?

I predict that, If Congress would stay in session and vote next week to remove the ban on offshore drilling alone … forget about ANWR, in two weeks or probably less the price of crude oil would be around $90 a barrel or less.

Unfortunately, that wouldn’t suit the Democratic strategy to win the presidency and maintain their control of Congress. They need at least the illusion of a bad economy to maintain the illusion that they are the salvation of the country with Obama as its savior. What better way to maintain their credibility than prevent as much as possible the price of oil from being lowered?

It’s time to get rid of the “Harry and Nancy Show” in Congress and finally get about the business of relieving the oil crisis and our dependency on foreign oil so we can afford to pay for alternative forms of energy in the future. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi need to stop their obstructionist tactics and allow Congress to respond to the will of the American people.


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