Who’s the Cynical Person?

Now Barack Obama is calling John McCain and his campaign cynical.

Well, who is the real cynical person?

Barack Obama has referred to his grandmother as a “typical white person”. He has referred to people who stand behind their Second Amendment rights and right to religious freedom as “Bible hugging and gun toting”.

Obama insinuates that his detractors and opponents are racist when he infers that they may point out that “by the way, he’s black” or that “he doesn’t look like the guys on the dollar bills”. It doens’t matter that Obama seems to be the only person focused on those facts.

Webster’s Dictionary defines a cynical person as one who is “contemptuously distrustful of human nature and motives”.

Obama’s narcissitic personality certainly shows through in his contemptuous remarks about those who oppose his candidacy. He constantly ridicules what he doesn’t comprehend. He inferes the trait of racism to others because it’s inherent to his own being as well as the core of his professed religion and he can’t fathom that others might not view and judge him by the same standards that he uses to view and judge others.


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