Tire Inflation … What’s New? What’s Change?

Barack Obama has reminded us to make sure our tires are inflated to the correct pressure. Okay. Great!

It’s seems like I first heard that message about 35 years ago … during the Arab Oil Embargo of 1973. I even own an air compressor … not one of those little Coleman things that run on 12 volts, but a large air compressor in my garage.

I do have one of those little Coleman inflaters but my car actually has an air compressor built in. The access in near the trunk latch.

Thanks for the reminder, Barack. So what new?

Now, how about getting Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid off their rears and out of the way so we can actually find out how much oil is offshore.

Then, maybe, in addition to checking our tire pressure, we can buy a lot less foreign oil and provide some jobs for Americans as well as possibly having lower fuel prices while we’re waiting for your solar and wind powered cars.


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