Joe Biden chosen as Barrack Obama’s Cheney

Fox News has reported that Barack Obama has chosen Senator Joe Biden of Delaware to be his vice presidential running mate. This is confirmed on CNN.

Apparently,Barack Obama has finally admitted his weaknesses in experience, foreign policy and foreign affairs by choosing Joe Biden as his running mate.

Many Democrats and pundits on the left have frequently accused President George Bush of simply being a surrogate or puppet for Dick Cheney. Now they have found that they are already going to have to defend the selection of Joe Biden as Barack Obama’s running mate which is seen by many as an admission on Obama’s part regarding his deficiencies both in experience as well as foreign affairs.

Who better to choose for the position of vice president than the person, Joe Biden, who pointed out Obama’s obvious weaknesses so succinctly several months ago in a debate.

With Michelle Obama nearly calling the presidency her’s and Barack’s joint venture several weeks while speaking before military spouses at Norfolk, VA and her scheduled to be a prominent speaker at the upcoming Democratic convention, a person has to wonder whether the presidency will be occupied by one person or a triumvirate.

Looking at that threesome, one has to wonder who the actual lightweight in the group actually is. It’s definitely not Joe Biden and Michelle Obama seems very able to handle herself. So who does that leave?

Now, answer me this. When Barack Obama gets that call at 3:00 in the morning, is he going to roll over and ask Michelle what she thinks … or Joe what he thinks … or Michelle and Joe what they think? Politics certainly does make strange bedfellows.


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