John McCain’s Homes

A lot has been said after John McCain was asked the question this past Friday regarding how many homes he owned.

The Democratic campaign machine came out with an ad attacking John McCain within minutes of his answer, “I don’t know.”

Having listened to the video of the question being asked and the Democratic rapid response, it’s obvious that the question was a planned set up, especially with the Democrats having the answer that they thought was correct to the number of homes.

They have tried to paint John McCain as either senile, exorbitantly wealthy, elitist, or indifferent to the needs of the “average” person.

The actual question was, “How many homes do you and your wife own?”

Everyone knows that Senator McCain’s wife is independently wealthy having inherited a business estimated to have a value of $100 million that her father started from scratch after returning home from service after World War II. Senator McCain also isn’t involved in his wife’s business.

Later Saturday it was reported that Senator McCain and his wife may own as many as twelve (12) houses, so the “gotcha” attack of the Democrats wasn’t accurate either.

Since Senator McCain isn’t involved in his wife’s business and may not necessarily know about all of her investments, his answer, “I don’t know.” seems very reasonable and honest.

At least he was presumptive and didn’t give an incorrect answer like the Democratic attack ad did. I think he did say, I’ll find out and let you know.”

Hopefully, Barack Obama and Joe Biden will do their homework better than their underlings and will be able to get things right if the Democrats win the election in November.


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