Michelle Obama’s Speech

There was nothing new, generally a repetition of the family stories that everyone has heard ad infinitum.

She did point out Obama’s support for getting people off of welfare and back to work which contradicted what Obama said at the Saddleback Question and Answer session several weekends ago. Obama stated at that time that he was opposed to Clinton’s initiative to get people off of welfare and back to work. He did admit that he was wrong in opposing that initiative.

If anything she’s learned to be more careful in what she says, obviously trying to correct the impression that she has given many people about her true feelings regarding America.

Her speech obviously was directed toward the Democratic party’s rank and file. As Juan Williams said in his analysis of her speech, she’s having to re-invent herself, trying to correct a lot of the impressions she’s already made on the American people. She has also obviously been told to quit talking down America, something she’s trying very hard not to show since she shown time and again that praising America inherently sticks in her craw.

And, finally, I have to keep telling my mother, “No, I don’t think she dips snuff. I think those are her teeth.”


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