More thoughts on Michelle Obama’s Speech

Sometimes, it helps to sleep on a issue, to be able to look back with a little more objectivity and not be “caught up” in the moment.

Michelle Obama’s Speech

Something about Michelle Obama’s speech just didn’t … seem quite right. It was obvious that she was singing to the choir. Beyond that, it was apparent that there was a conscious effort to reach beyond the cameras focused on her. Both of those points are understandable.

I suppose the fact that it was a noticeable conscious effort … contrived … obviously contrived. From facial expressions to a hint of a raspy voice at appropriate times … obviously well practiced … well … practiced anyway, and contrived.

Almost sincere, but not quite. Therefore … insincere.

Okay. Frankly, she reminded me of someone who got second place in a high school declamation competition … not very impressive for someone who’s graduated with a law degree … basically sophomoric. But, all lawyers aren’t trial lawyers … and she’s not a trial lawyer. Some lawyers just don’t have any business trying to make their case in front of a jury … or before the public.

I wasn’t impressed last night and I’m even less impressed after sleeping on it.


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