Rudy Giuliani on Obama: “Methinks the man protests too much.”

When asked by Alan Colmes of Fox News to comment on the current hooplah by the Obama campaign about an ad by an organization in Texas, Giuliani apparently couldn’t resist using a little Shakespearean language.

The ad in question points out a connection between William Ayers and Obama. The Obama campaign was quick to respond that Obama was only 8 years old when Ayers was an active member of the Weathemen Underground, a homegrown terrorist group which was responsible for bombing various government buildings in the late 1960’s.

Ayers has recently stated that he was sorry that he didn’t try to do more while a member of that organization. Obama started his political career in Chicago at a luncheon hosted at Ayers home. Obama has denied any close or continuing relationship although both he and Ayers have served together on at least one board in Chicago.

The Obama campaign has attacked John McCain over the ad although the group that sponsored it was unassociated with the McCain campaign.

The Obama campaign has accused McCain of being stuck in the 1960’s.

It seems a little odd that a group … or rather an entire political party … that tried to resurrect John Kennedy on the first night of their 2008 convention and that is continually comparing their candidate to John and Robert Kennedy is accusing their opposition of being stuck in the 1960’s.

Odd indeed.

I agree with Rudy. A little Shakespearean wit is appropriate when “the pot calls the kettle black.”.

I’ve found after googling that the phrase, “the pot calling the kettle black” has been frequently and appropriately used when alluding to the Obama campaign. They try to hold everyone to a standard that they make no effort to maintain themselves. This phrase is actually “Johnsonian”, as in Samuel Johnson and not Shakespearean.

“The pot calling the kettle black” supposedly dates from the 1600s and comes from a time when pots and kettles were used on open fires so both of them would have been black with soot. I note that the citation immediately before that Samuel Johnson quote reads: “We say, The Kettle called the Pot Black-Arse.”


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