The Democratic Venue for Obama’s Speech

There you are at Mile High Stadium in Denver, Colorado. Out in the middle of the field is … what?

Okay. The Democrats are getting a little sensitive about this.

Their retort to all the criticism they’ve been getting  about this grandiose stage is, “The important thing is the speech, not the setting that it’s given in or on.”

If that’s so, why not stay at the convention center instead of moving to a football stadium?

“Well, we want it to be open to more people than the convention delegates.”

Okay. 75,000 isn’t everyone so why try? Don’t you recall that 200,000 adulating Germans looked a little like pre-World War II Nuremberg? All you have to do is replace the term, “fascist” with “socialist”.

And what’s with all of those columns? Are they Doric, Ionian, or Corinthian? You say the back drop is based on the Lincoln Memorial. Frankly, it reminds me of a movie set from “QuoVadis”, “Ben Hur “, “Fall of the Roman Empire” or “Gladiator”.

And what’s with all of those steps leading up to that round area at the end of the runway? Is that what’s supposed to get Barack “closer” to the “common man”? Are they going to have people or even better a bunch of small children sitting on the steps so it will look like the “Sermon on the Mount”?

I think that’s what they’re shooting for … some kind of hybrid between “Imperial Rome” and the “Sermon on the Mount”. Interesting.


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