Carol Fowler’s Apology for Abortion Comment Regarding VP candidate Palin

Alex Burns of has reported during an interview with Greta van Susteren of Fox News that Carol Fowler, the SC Democratic Chairperson, in apologizing for her comment about Sara Palin, stated that she was referring to Palin being selected by John McCain as a single issue choice, that is, to appeal to those who oppose abortion.

Apparently, Carol Fowler, along with a great number of Democrat pundits, simply don’t get it. Or, they would like to make everyone believe that Sara Palin was selected based on a single issue and one of their, the Democrat’s, choice.

Unfortunately for them and taking a little twist on a statement I heard many years ago, “That boat don’t float.”

The Democrats are desperately trying to portray Sara Palin as a single issue candidate whether it’s her gender appeal to women, abortion or a contrived lack of experience. None of those boats float.

I have four sisters and two daughters, all of voting age. I’ve discussed Sara Palin with both of my daughters, one of my sisters and my mother. My oldest daughter is opposed to Sara Palin on a single issue, her perceived opposition to abortion. My youngest daughter is undecided about her saying she doesn’t know enough about her. She doesn’t like Obama thinking he’s an opportunist. My mother likes Palin. I’m not sure why. My oldest sister likes Palin because of her stand on reforming politics in Alaska. She doesn’t agree with Palin’s stand on abortion but doesn’t think it’s as important an issue as reform. She thinks Obama is a Marxist.

So …

My limited and unofficial straw poll of my closest feminine relatives covers the entire spectrum of opinions.

The Democrats’ strategy to portray Sara Palin as a single issue choice for vice president by John McCain whether it be as a woman appealing to women or anti-abortion appealing to Pro Life advocates is an over simplication that may not work … no more than portraying John McCain as another George Bush or too old to be president.

Admittedly and obviously some people will vote based on a single issue.

I give the majority of American voters credit for having more depth and maturity in their decision making process than that.


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  1. hi

  2. Is this your qualification as a “Democrat” to spout off comments such as this to any person or this a characteristic of the Democrats of today just to Republicans? What happened to being kind and nice to others? I guess this doesn’t fall within the Democrat party which is shown by you and your husband. You both should be tossed out on your big ears!!!!

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  4. Disgusting woman.

  5. Good blog. A nice way to “do time” in this lost planet.



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