Obama, “Spare me the phony outrage!”


Barack, spare “me” the phony outrage!!!

Your entire campaign has been based on phony illusions and comparisons.

Ethics reform: You claim to want to reform Washington. What’s your record? Reforming Chicago politics? Reforming Cook County, Il. politics? Reforming Illinois politics? Okay, the Democratic leadership stuck your name on the list as the lead Democrat on an ethics reform bill the day it was voted on after months of negotiations and debate. How do we say “phony”? Washington Reform? You’ve claimed to have passed a reform bill in Congress … wow, single handed. Wasn’t the critical amendment to keep the Senate Democratic leadership from killing the actual reform of the proposed House bill actually sponsored by Republicans. Again, … phony.

Economy: After promising everyone everything in your acceptance speech at the Democratic convention, it’s a little confusing as to how you’re going to achieve all of your promises without ruining the economy … especially when your unadulterated support of unions is in direct conflict with any real economic growth. Unions have destroyed more than one industry from railroads to steel to the automotive industry to even our educational system.

Education: Your support of teachers’ unions is in direct contradiction to improving education. Teachers’ unions don’t want teachers to actually be held accountable for competency.

Energy: Somehow, we’re all going to mysteriously teleport to 10 years into the future when we all have electric cars powered by wind and solar energy. I suppose you’ll be serving your third term by then. Under your plan, will our foreign oil dependence increase from 70%  to 90 or 95% before the transition occurs? Will we still be “studying” nuclear and clean coal?

War: You keep chiding John McCain with the $10 billion a month that the war is costing. But, your own plans will keep those expenditures going for another year or two … unless you aren’t being completely honest. Phony indignation and comparison?

And “your” phony outrage over McCain and Palin stealing your claim to use of the word “change”?

You’re simply another prophet of a “progressive, socialistic agenda” which hasn’t changed since Karl Marx introduced it in Europe in the 1860’s and Charles William Eliot brought it to Harvard in 1869 to save a failing university with radical “new” ideas. What’s new or different or change about a failed 150 year old philosophy?


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