“Oink, Oink!!”

From “porkbarrel” to “when pigs fly” or one of my favorites, “can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”, swine have lent a porcine flavor to politics for a long time.

Intended or not, Barack Obama’s comment obviously struck a particularly timely chord with the crowd seated behind him with his “lipstick painted pig” comment and a nerve with Sara Palin supporters and other feminists. With Sara Palin’s extremely recent reference to hockey moms and pit bulls, Obama’s lipstick analogy was, in the least, poorly timed.

Obama should simply say, “Okay, my comment was poorly timed and I shouldn’t have said it, regardless of what I meant or how it was taken.”

Unfortunately for Obama, admitting a mistake, inadvertent or otherwise, is like walking over a bed of glowing coals. The man simply can’t do it. It’s not a part of his inherent nature. His ego won’t allow it.

And, that’s the problem … his ego … not the comment … a significant character flaw.


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