New Obama Campaign Ad Attacks McCain’s Technical Literacy

This morning the Obama Campaign has released a new ad which, among other things, is attacking John McCain’s technical literacy. It states that he doesn’t know how to use a computer or send an e-mail.

Apparently,whoever designed and produced the ad thinks that sending an e-mail shows signs of great expertise as well as operating a computer. They seem to think that these skills are imperative for a president in some way or reflect great intelligence and technical literacy.

Let’s look at a couple of facts. First, the only individuals who score higher than pilots on the aptitude test that the Air Force, and I presume the Navy, gives to ROTC students and, again I presume, to academy students are persons who qualify to be navigators.

Second, anyone who has learned to fly a complex military jet fighter, operate it in combat situations and land it on an aircraft carrier isn’t technically challenged.

Most computers geeks who have “played” with a computer flight simulator will only dream of having the opportunity and learning the technical skills that John McCain has mastered in his lifetime.

The only people who are more stupid than the people who thought up and approved this ad are the ones who actually believe it or are thinking, “Boy, we’ve got him now!”

If John McCain hasn’t learned to operate a computer and doesn’t sit in front of one all day and doesn’t send e-mails, I suspect he has better and more important things to do.

I suspect he can actually write, spell and use correct grammar which, unfortunately, a vast majority of these “computer literate” people can’t do.


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