Another Thought on Pelosi’s Energy Bill

I’ll probably think up a number of other reasons to feel like I’ve just visited a proctologist when considering Nancy Pelosi’s Energy Bill, but this one is almost one hemorrhoid too many.

By setting the drilling limits at 50 to 100 miles, the House Democrats under the unflinching wisdom of Nancy Pelosi have virtually guaranteed the Republic of China exclusive drilling rights in the Florida Straits, that is of course, unless Exxon Mobil, Chevron and Conoco want to go begging to Hugo Chavez’ mentor, Fidel Castro,  or his brother Raul, for permission.

Oops, then that would make it a foreign source again, wouldn’t it?

And don’t forget about that postage stamp sized footprint that would only be required in ANWR to tap the oil and gas in millions of acres of Alaska. Using this analogy, China can put in a well within the Cuban side of the Straits and, with a little horizontal drilling get oil from … where?

Off Miami or Naples … or how about from right under Disney World?

Thanks Nancy. Why is it every time I think of you I feel like my house has been robbed?


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