Obama’s Priorities

Okay …

I paid particular attention to Obama’s speech the other night, especially the order in which he listed his priorities. They were as follows:

1. Jobs

2. Credit

3. Housing

That’s his order of importance … as he emphasized in his speech.

So, here’s the scenario:

1. The levee breaks. (The housing market crashes.)

2. Everything floods. (Credit dries up.)

3. Houses flood and people have to leave their homes. (People start loosing jobs and unemployment rises.)

Well, at least he got the middle one in the right order.

So …

We have a president who’s planning on spending money like crazy to buy mops while the levee is still broken and the river is flooding through.

I am constantly given the impression that many people in the country consider a Harvard degree the “sine qua non” for intelligence and brilliant thinking.

Didn’t George Bush have a Harvard degree also?

But George couldn’t even speak properly.

Well, neither can Caroline Kennedy.

But, Obama has a hoard of economic experts advising him that this is the way to revive the country.

Are these the same experts that were completely blindsided by the housing market crash? Hummmmmmmmm …

Don’t forget Obama also promised that Timothy Geithner would “shed the light” the next day. Obama didn’t want to “steal his thunder” by commenting on Geithner’s much anticipated speeches the next day. Whoah!!!

Let’s face it. Timothy Geithner is a lot more impressive at evading taxes than offering solutions to the country’s economic problems. The only thing impressive and overwhelming about Geitner’s “plans” is their lack of existence.

I’ve been quiet for over four months … for my own reasons, one being “blogging burnout”. But, so much of the inherent stupidity that I saw lurking in plain view if one only cleared the smoke and cleaned the mirrors is now all the more obvious.


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