Obama’s Version of “Reaganomics”

That’s right. I didn’t make a mistake …”Reaganomics“.

Obama is embarking on the classic form of “trickle down” economics.

Here’s how it works.

He’s going to provide up to 4 million jobs repairing infrastructure … you know … building and repairing roads, painting classrooms in school buildings, repairing levees … things like that. We won’t even talk about Nancy Pelosi’s $30 million to “protect” a marsh rat. That’s small change in the scheme of things … or so we keep being told.

So …

Since most of these types of jobs are being increasingly done by Mexican immigrants, illegal and otherwise; he is, in essence, providing additional jobs and security to the 12 million illegal (or otherwise) immigrants in this country. If that’s your thing, okay.

Then …

After we take out the part of the money that our brethren from south of the border send home to “la familia”, we can count on them spending the rest at the Seven Eleven, Quick Stop, HessMart and Burger Doodle and it will “trickle down” through these conduits of prosperity to the rest of us.

Frankly, I think that’s a brilliant way to disperse 70% of $800 billion.

Simply brilliant!!


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