Nancy Pelosi and Her Cousin, the Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse

Curiosity got the best of me so I did some research and looked this little creature up:

Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse

It turns out this mouse has been on the endangered species list since the 1970’s, to quote the article, and already has “protected habitat within numerous Bay Area wildlife refuges” as well as a number of other protected locations as mentioned in the Wikipedia article.

So …

I think I smell a San Francisco rat (or mouse)!!!!!!

If this “mouse” already has numerous areas of protected habitat, what makes it so critical to add $30 million hidden in the Democratic Stimulus Bill to an already overstretched federal budget in a time of crisis to “add more protection” to this … “mouse”?

I think the real question is, “WHO is going to be paid $30 million for marsh land only a rat … excuse me … mouse would love?”

This really stinks!


One Response

  1. Earl,
    RE: Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the House)???????

    First, I want to applaud you for your publication on this issue. When I heard what she had done, all I could do was stand there and shake my head.

    All I can say is that with people like her, in the position she is in, it is apparent that her priority/loyalty is ‘NOT’ in the best interest of America, or its people. Where is her head stuck, to pull such ‘CRAP’ in our desperate time of crisis??

    With radical, idiot, moron, ‘Nuts’ like her in influential/critical political positions, the American people will become ‘extinct’ MUCH faster than the ‘Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse’. If the economic crisis at hand, concerning the ‘humans’, I’ll be moving in with the ‘mouse’ in order to survive!

    I still can’t believe that she would pull such a ‘S-T-U-P-I-D’ thing on her own party; and especially to the American people.

    This ‘Stimulus Package’ is intended to thwart off an economic ‘catastrophe’, and she obviously thinks that some ‘mouse/rat’ is more important than the economic crisis that our nation is facing, or its ‘people’???? $30 Million dollars could go a long way toward helping American ‘People’ at this time of urgency—-Nancy must ‘REALLY’ Love her mouse.

    I was in hopes of a positive change, but within the last several days, things only got worse—Pelosi on her ‘mouse’; then Eric Holder (Obama’s choice for Attorney General) with his views of ‘gun control’; then today his ludicrous statement about ‘racial’ issues—This isn’t looking good—at ALL!!!!

    Anyway—I hope things get better—-I’m sure the ‘Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse’ will thank Nancy for her ‘Assinine’ contribution to there cause????


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