So …, What color is Obama’s Urine?

One of my father’s friends was a seasoned old-time Georgia politician known by everyone as “Mr. Tom”. Mr. Tom was a local farmer and businessman who had served in the Georgia state legislature and owned the local cotton gin and warehouse across the street from my father’s office.

Even though my father was the same age as his sons, he took a particular liking to my father in spite of the age difference. As I understood it, he would frequently come to my father’s office to pass the time and talk. He knew one of my father’s uncles who had been a state senator for more than 30 years and knew of the family connection.

Mr. Tom, like many people of his era, had sayings which reflected their versions of “truisms”. One of Mr. Tom’s “truisms” which appears to be increasingly appropriate as this administration and current Congress begin to show their true colors to everyone is,

“When someone pisses in your ear it may feel warm and soothing ….just remember … it’s still piss.”

If Mr. Tom were still alive he would be shaking his head in the affirmative and saying, “Like I said …”

Looking back through my posts I ran across one of my replies to a comment regarding that post. In that reply I said that I thought Barack Obama was an “opportunistic lair”. I’ll stand by that assessment.

For those of you who voted for Obama for whatever reason, what color is that liquid that’s trickling out of your ear?


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