Has Bill O’Reilly been drinking Kool Aid?

Tonight, Bill O’Reilly attacked Ed Martin of the “American Issues Project” for attacking the Obama Stimulus Plan, H.R. 1 – the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009,  stating that it was a “done deal”, a “fait accompli” to quote O’Reilly, asking Mr. Martin, “What’s the point?”

O’Reilly claimed that Fox News has been covering the issue since the first of the year “24/7” and stating that, “If anybody didn’t know what’s in the bill, it’s on them.” That’s a quote.

Well, Bill …

May we’ve been living in different universes, because the gist of the news I’ve been listening to for the past six weeks or so has been the complaint that all the people that voted for the bill hadn’t read it and no one really knew what was in it. In fact, the bill has just been made available to the public so that the public can just now read it and find out what’s in the bill, … Bill.

And frankly, after reading the first 40 pages of the bill last night, I find the “lack of details” … in the details of the bill extremely disturbing. There are a lot of headings, subheadings and sub-subheadings about where the money is going to be thrown … with an extreme lack of specificity about exactly what those billions of dollars are going to be spent on. And, I doubt that the next 367 pages are going to be any less “vague”.

What really concerns me is that the bill as published on the Internet is only 407 pages long. I’ve been hearing reports continuously that the bill was anywhere from 1000 to 1500 pages long.  So, what happened to the other 1000 or so pages? Are the “devil in the details” actually being withheld from the public, like Nancy Pelosi’s marsh rat?

For some reason, Bill O’Reilly used Ed Martin and the American Issues Project to possibly counterbalance his attack on James Clyburn of South Carolina. Go figure. Somehow, I fail to see the balance between Mr. Clyburn’s race baiting and the American Issues Project attack on the government’s, or Obama’s administration’s, waste of taxpayer dollars.

Frankly, if Bill O’Reilly truly believes that the American Issues Project is “beating a dead horse”, then he ought to re-examine certain aspects of the entire premise of his show. So, according to Bill, he’s the only person that can beat a dead horse. What am I talking about? Well, how many topics does Bill bring up that some people consider to be “already done deals”? Maybe Mr. Martin and his group feel the same way about the stimulus plan. It sure sounded like he was trying to argue that he didn’t want something like that to happen again. Sound familiar, Bill? You sure do crusade against enough “done deals”.

Bill has been broadcasting from Los Angeles this week. Maybe he ought to import some bottled water from the east coast. I think, at best, he’s been drinking something laced with Kool Aid.


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