A Global Warming Update

While I’m sitting here on the 3rd of March in the Sunny South, the temperature  at nearly 3 PM is hovering at 41 degrees Fahrenheit outside and I’m burning, and running out of, wood I had planned to cure for next winter.

Upon receiving my last power bill, which compares a month’s average temperature to the previous year, I noticed that this past January was 4 degrees colder than January 2008.

I also found it somewhat ironic as well as humorous that yesterday a group protesting Global Warming in Washington, DC had heads covered with hoodies and bodies adorned with down jackets … while snow was falling. Do these people have any idea how stupid they looked?

I know … Al Gore … a consensus of scientists … all the usual intellectual garbage which precludes simply looking out the window and ignoring the icicles hanging from your nose.

I’m not arguing with the contention that the world has been warming for the past tens of thousands of years. The “Great Flood” of Noah was probably the result of global warming. Any idiot that can find a history book that predates some progressive historian monkeying with facts will understand that things have been warming up for a while.

What is pretentious is some scientist … or mathematician … thinking that, by coming up with some computer model or mathematical formula, they can “prove” that the world is warming at an alarming and irreversible rate based on the miniscule human factor. At this point in time it appears that there is some great big cold hole in their models, formulas and theory.

These people should know that the computer model is no better than the person who designed it or the data put into it. The mathematical equation is no more accurate than the imagination of the person who devised it.

Greenhouse gases, CO2, carbon dioxide … we all know that it’s supposed to speed up global warming and we’re all the evil villains polluting the environment with our various CO2 emissions. Well … STOP BREATHING!!!!!

Al Gore says I think the world is flat because I deny his “inconvenient truth”. The only thing that I think is flat is Al Gore’s head … starting right above his brow line and going straight back parallel to the ground … if he can stand upright.

PS: I know. My woodburning fireplace is increasing my “carbon footprint” and I’m polluting the environment. So … sue me. It’s cold. The wood came from a limb I had trimmed from a tree and I’m heating one room while the rest of my home is hovering at a cool 65 degrees so I don’t have to pay the power company any more than necessary.

When Al Gore parks his jet, cuts off his lights and starts riding a bicycle instead of driving a car, then tell him to come talk to me and complain. Until then, if he’ll bend over, I’ll show him what I think of his idea of global warming. I would be more than happy to place a “carbon footprint” where it would do some good.


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