SC Governor, Mark Sanford, Being Hounded Over Stimulus Money

Like a bunch of rabid dogs fighting over a tainted bone, numerous political factions including both Democrats and Republicans as well as a horde of special interest groups have been attacking South Carolina’s governor over his fiscal conservatism exemplified by his desire to use a portion of the stimulus money to pay down part of South Carolina’s state debt.

All of his detractors claim to represent the people of South Carolina while many of these same people purported to be represented by these various factions through various blogs on newspaper sites stand staunchly behind the governor.

Charleston’s Democratic mayor, Joe Riley, has issued another attack on Sanford today, (Riley issues new attack on Sanford). Apparently, Mayor Riley doesn’t bother to read the comment sections indicating there are more than a few people who wish he would simply shut up.

Congressman James E. Clyburn (D-SC) of South Carolina’s 6th Congressional District has virtually accused the governor of being racist for trying to either refuse the money or apply it to debt, an interesting stance for a person who’s political  base has been demographically eroding in his own district in spite of efforts to maintain that base through some very creative gerrymandering. Clyburn should concentrate his efforts on more effectively hiding projects which benefit his relatives rather than attacking the governor. “Ignorance of” is his favorite line for what has appeared to be an affinity for getting funding for projects where his close relatives are employed.

Most people, as in individuals, tend to tighten their belts and pay off their credit cards when times get tough.

Governor Sanford seems to think that responsible government should act like responsible individuals. Paying down debt during economic hard times should make the state more fiscally sound during good times, especially when you can use money that doesn’t even exist to do it.

One of the arguments I keep hearing against him from individuals is that it’s taxpayer’s money that ought to be returned to the taxpayers. The fallacy of that argument is that it’s money that hasn’t even been printed yet or borrowed from China … yet. And, very little of it will actually go to taxpayers anyway. So, I’m wondering exactly what taxpayers are actually complaining.

I’ve been reading a lot of accusations that Governor Sanford is only posturing to run for the presidency in 2012. It really amazes me how people who have no principles are driven completely crazy by a person who does. Governor Sanford is simply beyond the comprehension of his detractors, both in his Republican party and in the Democratic party.

Do I admire the man?


I admire any principled person who stands by his principles.

In these times, it’s an extremely rare quality.


3 Responses

  1. Who is “earle”?
    If he had lived in SC or anyone who the real SC… They would know that we are a 3rd world country..
    Amorphus ideology may be fine but we have to repay

    The nations stimulus is needed here it far more.
    Sanford is a Dork; he is vastly believed t be a rich sheltered Yankee heir..iwth a unattached Ideology taht pleases the far Limbrain
    It makes no sense to refuse the money to put people to work in a state that has among the worst unemployment in the nation {fine for you}…& Sanford has done the least to attact industry as we have done before due to his quirkness..
    Now he depives us of money to get us giong again to “pay off the mortgage??? Huh?? better to use it to start jobs..

    he just doesnt get it..being the rich out of touch & reality snob he is..& where do you idiots in other states get the right to cheer the idiot on?? your own shallow inexperienced Ideology?
    It’;s great to be a philosopher IF you are NOT here…You take him.
    We just got rid of one other spoiled inexperienced rich kid, we have our own..Sanford

    • “Earl”, no “e” on the end, lives in SC, has for nearly 30 years not counting college. Okay, I’m trying to make some sense out of your jibberish. Sanford is originally from Florida, not exactly up North. In spite of your rants against “rich” people, I have a suspicion you’d have your nose up Ted Kennedy’s or George Soros’ butt in a skinny minute, so …

      And I suspect you’d probably support Linda Ketner, the Food Lion heiress, who isn’t exactly poor.

      Just out of curiosity, where do you think this “stimulus” money is coming from? And, what do you think is going to keep things going when it’s gone?

      I grew up in the rural South so don’t talk to me about third world countries. You don’t know what you’re talking about. My family has lived in the South since the 1650’s when they emigrated to Virginia from England. You’re trying to preach some fuzzy headed sermon from Harvard to a southern choir and your message just doesn’t float.

      If you truly claim to be from South Carolina and a Southerner, study your origins and get your message right. And it’s not “a hand full of gimme with a mouth full of much obliged”.

  2. […] SC Governor, Mark Sanford, Being Hounded Over Stimulus Money […]

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