Charleston Democrats Amass Whopping 125 People to Protest Education Issues

According to the Charleston Post & Courier in two lead articles, Tuition tax credit foes hold rally to air views and Stimulus rally supporters gather at Brittlebank Park, an estimated total of 125 people attended both rallies … in total … 50 at one and 75 at the other.

Within the comments a few mentioned that they might have attended the protests and rallies if they had been held at a more convenient time of day rather than their near midday times. The reason for the particular time of each event was stated to be able to make the evening news.

I think making the news with next to no attendance is slightly counterproductive, but what would you expect from a group of people rallying and protesting about educational issues. Duhhh!!!

The issues at hand are South Carolina governor Mark Sanford steadfast refusal to take $700 million in stimulus money earmarked for education and state senator Robert Ford’s introduction of  state school voucher bill, each written about in other articles,  SC Governor, Mark Sanford, Being Hounded Over Stimulus Money and Local Paper Recruits Home-based Political Hack to Attack Black School Voucher Advocate.


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