Watching Rachel Maddow on MSNBC

Last night, I awoke from a nap and decided to do a little channel surfing down ( and to the left) in the news media range of channels to see what the “other channels” were talking about. I was actually headed for CNN but went one number too far and wound up on MSNBC. It’s both ironic and appropriate that both of these channels, at least in my viewing area, are assigned smaller numbers than Fox News. In our English language writing left to right, it puts both of them to the left and naturally lower in value.

The anchor, or show star as she turned out to be, was Rachel Maddow of the Rachel Maddow Show, some sort of purulent personality that MSNBC managed to dredge out of some fermenting cesspool. She was bantering with another airhead, Ana Marie Cox, of , appropriately enough, Air America … a slight misnomer. This woman was, as reported by Air America, hired by them to report on, among other things, happenings on Main Street America. She sounds more like someone they scrapped off of Back Street America when they came upon her soliciting in the red light district.

These women were commenting on the activities of 15 April by the tens of thousands who were protesting the Obama Administration’s dramatic spending spree, Conservatives go teabagging. They seemed to be sharing some inside joke about “tea bagging” in reference to the Tea Parties that were being held all across the nation.They thought it was particularly humorous that people were actually wearing tea bags on their glasses, hats and other accessories.

I got the distinct impression that I was eavesdropping on two crab infested hookers at a clip joint rather than listening to two news commentators discussing the day’s events.

Apparently, one of several definitions of “tea bagging” is a crude slang reference for a person experiencing oral sex from another actually having the scrotum and contents taken into the mouth of the other person.

Frankly, it struck me that the two women appeared to be sharing some mutual experience on that matter … possibly job related … or something.

It WAS interesting … but I was looking for some alternative information on the news and wasn’t particularly seeking information on these two women’s sex lives or obtaining any insight into their sexual preferences.

Needless to say, it simply reaffirmed my impression of MSNBC. Now I know if I’m looking for some Jerry Springer type of entertainment, I can count on MSNBC to giving me my fill. So much for news though …

Yeah. Rachel is the slug and MSNBC is the rock she crawls out from under on a weekly basis.